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Who started Christmas trees?

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they date back to the times of the Romans and druids
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What year did the United States start to celebrate with the Christmas tree?

This questions is debatable, because the settlers from various European nations all celebrated Christmas when they arrived in the Americas. The first Christmas celebrated i

Why was the tradition of Christmas trees started?

The Christmas tree tradition started with a young man named William Bosfowitz. A few days before Christmas he and his friends were talking about what their families were going

Who started the Christmas tree tradition?

The modern Christmas tree tradition was begun in Central Europe and Germany. Prince Albert, a German prince and husband of Queen Victoria, brought the Christmas tree tradition

How did the Christmas tree get started?

The tradition of the Christmas tree began during the early 15th  century. This tradition started in Germany as a way for Christians  to relay the story of the birth of Jesus

Where did the tradition of Christmas trees start?

The idea of Christmas trees came from Germany, when the king decided to put his family presents under a tree, it then became a family-tradition and spread country after countr

When did peaople start decorating Christmas trees?

The Christmas tree originated in central Europe in ancient times as a winter solstice ritual. Apples were hung in the tree to represent fertility and later candles were added

How did the tradition of putting decorations on a Christmas tree start?

To answer this we need to also take a look at where the Christmas tree came from. The Christmas tree came from the Germanic regions. Origionally it was part of a Pagan festiva

Who started decorating the Christmas tree in egland?

  The exact origin of the Christmas tree is still being argued about, but it is safe to say that this symbol evolved from Pagan tradition. The Norse pagans and Celtic Dr

Who started tradition of the Christmas tree?

Catholic missionaries to the pagan Germanic tribes.   The pagan Germanic tribes worshiped trees, especially the Oak tree.   The missionaries saw the twisted Oak as sym