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Who is barney?

Barney is a fictional dinosaur for toddlers. The show "Barney" is the show for toddlers to watch and maybe learn basics for preschool.\n. \n If you have any more to add to th

Why was Barney fired?

He wasn't fired. Barney wasn't taped live. All of those stories were just rumors.

Was Barney arrested?

Barney, as you probably realize, is a costume. Costumes cannot be arrested, although they can be impounded. Barney is not actually played by a single person. There are seve

How can you talk to Barney?

well the only way to talk to barney is to tie him to a chair and burn him with ciggarettes. the reason i say this is because i was once raped by barney. I am just kidding if y

How can you be on Barney?

You need to be a child actor or A teacher or other adult who can guest star on the show.

How do you kill a Barney?

you get a be be gun and a rifle! then you be be him then when he is crying for momma you shot him in the face!
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What is have a barney?

To have a barney means to have a row or get into a fight. It is the shortened form of Barney Rubble (Cockney rhyming slang for trouble)