Who the most popular chipmunk from Alvin and the Chipmunks movie?

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Alvin of course. That's why his name appears in the title.. since he is what most people refer to as the "leader" of the three chipmunks.

Alvin is obulisly the most popular.
Fact: Alvin and the Chipmunks used to be called The Chipmunks. When Ross Sr. Died, His son, Ross Jr; changed the name to Alvin and the Chipmunks. Just like Diana Ross and the Supremes. Alvin is the lead singer, Just like Diana.

P.S. I looked all this information up. ;-)

Better answer than those:

I know that every one thinks that Alvin is the most popular but just because his name appears in the title doesnt mean he is the most popular. You would have to look at this from different point of views. Some people judge the most popular by cuteness or by sweetness. In that case Theodore would be favored. Others may judge by smarts and being the leader. In that case it would be Simon. Simon seems to be the oldest and tends to take charge. Dave never leaves any chimpmunk in charge but Simon such as the time in the squeakuel. Others may prefer the trouble maker or the more abnoctus one whic in this case would be Alvin. You would also have to look at different age groups. My sister did a poll in her class and the results were...

in first place team Theodore with 38 votes

in second place was Alvin with 21 votes a pretty close run

and in third place was Simon with 5 votes

please keep in mind that was a fourth grade class.

my other sister did the same poll in her middle school she asked 6th 7th and 8th graders who they like better her results were

Alvin with 59 votes

Theodore with 58 votes

and Simon with 39 votes

since the chipettes are now known and liked alot of people like them better now expecially the girls

when they were voting alot of people voted for them too

between both polls there was a total of votes of 46 for the cipettes

in ffirst britney with 23

in second elenore with 17

and in third jenett with 6

my data showed that the older the kids the more liked britney and the younger the kids liked elenore.
it also showed the older the kid the more they liked trouble makers and they youngeer the kid the more they liked cuteness and sweetness
mostly girls liked elenore and Theodore and mostly the boys liked Alvin almost no boys voted for cipettes

which leads me to my next argument,,,

you would also have to look ant boy or girl sepretly

they both have very different personalities.

so in ur face other guys i have a better answer than you!
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