Who uses helicopters?

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The military, private owners, and that's about it
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When were helicopters first used by the military?

See the link to a similar Q as it relates to helicopter gunships. The first use of helicopters were for medical evacuation. The Bell 47 fulfilled this role in the Korean War.

What is the helicopter used for?

Leonardo Da Vinci invented the concept of flight which includes helicopters. He should be known as an inventor, not an artist. Art does nothing to help people! Life would be n

Why were helicopters used in Vietnam?

Tanks were a NEW weapon during WWI. Aircraft Carriers were a NEW weapon in WWII. Helicopters were a NEW weapon in Vietnam. Helicopters allowed the US Army to create a brand ne

What can a helicopter used for?

A helicopter can be used for transportation, recreation/ tours, cargo transportation, rescue, & as a "crane" as in sky crane.

What are the uses of helicopter?

Most helicopters use as transportation, some are use for combat. ANS 2 - Many helicopters are used for rescue andmedivac. Many others are used in fire-fighting.
In US Army

What helicopter does the US army use?

Several. . OH-6 Cayuse, MH-6 "Little Bird", and other variants of the H-6 series . OH-58 Kiowa . AH-1 Cobra (still in service with some second line units) . AH-64 A