Who was Americas first flapper icon?

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Betty Boop
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What was a flapper?

A flapper was a young woman of the 1920's who was considered to betesting the acceptable behavior of previous generations. In theslang of the period, she was "the it girl." Th

Who was a flapper?

A Flapper was a woman in the 1920s. A Flapper would bob their hair, smoke, drink, wear skin-showing dresses, party, you name it. They were rebelious and loved to have fun.

Who were flappers?

During the 1920's the flappers represented a change in the American woman in society. They started showing skin with shorter skirts. They started wearing shorter hair and make

Who or what is a flapper?

a flapper is a woman from the 1920's. flappers demonstrated how women of that time didn't need to wear huge dresses, long hair and cover every part of their body to be feminin

What did flappers do?

Th ey danced and acted all crazy!The loved having all the attention! They always had alot of enery!!! Oh,and one more thing, FLAPPERS RULE!!! flappers were

How does flappers do it?

Flappers wore short skirts and did not care for acceptable behavioras deemed by society. Flappers sported a bob hair style and listenmuch to jazz music.
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What icons did the first computers have?

They didn't have icons, they had a blank screen with a flashing cursor. There was no such thing as a Windows type interface. You would type in commands to tell the computer wh
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Why did flappers turn to flappers?

Flappers needed to turn into flappers because they needed to show the world that men and women are equal in every way. if guys can go out in public and smoke and wear whatever