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--------Bolivia was named for Simon Bolivar:
From Wikipedia:
Independence was proclaimed in 1809, but sixteen years of struggle followed before the establishment of the republic, named for Simón Bolívar, on August 6, 1825 (see Bolivian War of Independence).
From Infoplease:
The country won its independence in 1825 and was named after Simón Bolívar, the famous liberator.
From the CIA World Factbook:
Bolivia, named after independence fighter Simon BOLIVAR, broke away from Spanish rule in 1825; much of its subsequent history has consisted of a series of nearly 200 coups and countercoups.
From the World Atlas:
In 1809, the "Liberator," Simon Bolivar (Bolivia's namesake) began the battle for independence, and after the Spanish defeat in 1824, Bolivia finally gained its hard-fough freedom in 1825.
From the Encyclopaedia Britannica Online:
In recognition of Bolívar's support, congressional leaders named the new republic Bolivia in his honour.
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Who is the President of Bolivia?

Juan Evo Morales Ayma is the President of Bolivia. Evo Morales assumed office on 2006 January 22 after being elected by popular vote for a single non-renewable five year term in 2005. However in 2009, the constitution was changed to allow for a renewal of terms, and Morales was re-elected in late 2 (MORE)

Where is Bolivia located?

Bolivia is a country in west central South America, inland from Peru and Chile on the Pacific coast. You can see Bolivia clearly on the map at the related link.

How did Bolivia get its name?

Through the Asamblea General de Diputados de las Provincias del Alto Peru, in 1825, the country declared its independence with the name of República de Bolivar, in honor of Simón Boliviar, but it was later on changed to República de Bolivia.

What is the Movement of Bolivia?

its a political party called MAS (Movimiento al Socialismo) its a movement to socialism lead by president Evo Morales, the goal is for equality and the benefiting of native bolivians such as Quechuas, and Aymaras.

Why is Bolivia poor?

1825 Independence 1836 Peru-Bolivian Confederation (basically the bolivian president invaded Peru) 1836 War with Chile and Argentina 1879-1883 War with Chile 1903 War with Brazil 1932-1935 War with Paraguay (killed more than 20% of soldiers, compare that with the 5% of the union in the Ame (MORE)

How big is Bolivia?

Bolivia comprises about 424,000 square miles on the South Americancontinent. By comparison, the United States is 3.794 million squaremiles.

What does the name Bolivia mean?

The name "Bolivia" derives from Simon Bolivar, the suppossed "liberator" of the country. The actual liberator was a Potosian? farmer. Bolivar is credited with the liberation of the country, however.

Continent of Bolivia?

Bolivia is located on the continent of South America. It is one ofonly two landlocked countries on that continent.

How Bolivia got its name?

After Simon Bolivar "the liberator." Quick note however, the real liberator of Bolivia was a Potosianfarmer? that had liberated the country some time before Bolivararrived. Bolivar is credited with the liberation however.

Is Bolivia poor?

\nBolivia is the poorest country in south America, with a $27.87 billion GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

How is the weather in Bolivia?

Weather in Bolivia is generally dry and cold, owing to its extreme elevation. However, the lower rain forest region is generally much wetter and warmer. Since the country is very high up, breathing may be difficult for the first few weeks of your stay.

Who is Bolivia?

Bolivia is a country, not a person. It was named after Simon Bolivar. well Bolivia is located in south America if you were wondering.

What hemisphere is Bolivia in?

Bolivia is in South America, bordering North and East by Brazil.. It supposedly should be in the Southern and Western hemisphere.

When was Bolivia founded?

Bolivia was founded in south America by Chris Columbus in1498 . also dicoverd America he dicoverd alot back in those days Thousands of years prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas (who never made it as far South or inland as Bolivia) many indigenous tribes and groups exist (MORE)

What is Bolivias religion?

Christian, like most of North, Central and South America. Traditionally Catholic, but Protestants of different denomination - locally called "evangelistas", or sometimes "cristianos" (technically, Catholics are also Christians, but when Bolivians talk about "cristianos", they sometimes refer specifi (MORE)

Does Bolivia have a coastline?

No. It is totally land locked with Chile and Peru "blocking" Bolivia from the South Pacific Ocean to the west and Brazil to the east. See related link for a map of South America,

What is the Entertainment in Bolivia?

i cant tell you about the entertainment about Bolivia but i can tell you about America's. there is boy named cole sprouse. and he is an actor which means he is part of the entertainment about America. he is so cute.

What wars were Bolivia in?

There was a large civil war called the Water wars this was over the commercialisation of water. The poor could not afford it so they rebelled as they saw water as a human right. I believe this started with 2000 in Cochabamba but don't quote me on that.

Are there deserts in Bolivia?

Bolivia is home to the largest salt desert in the world called the Salar de Uyuni. There is also a smaller salt desert north of Uyuni and another desert in Bolivia's southeast Chaco region.

Why am i called Bolivia?

Because I am and if you have a problem with that then die because you can't change that because you are not magic

What is Bolivia nickname?

The official nickname for the country Bolivia is, the rooftop ofthe world. This is because of the high elevation of Bolivia.

What are Bolivia games?

Cacho!(sp: cup) It's a lot of fun. It is played with 5 die and a cup. You take turns rolling the die and fill categories like your 1's to 6's and then full house, 4 of a kind, etc. There are some simliar game apps that I found for my iphone. heres what a simple search turned up with: http://www (MORE)

Is Bolivia communism?

No it is a democratic country but if you are thinking in travelling to Bolivia visit www.itraveladventures.net they have very nice adventures trip I recommend it

What are the names of rivers in Bolivia?

The major rivers in Bolivia are the Abuna River, Madre de Dios River, Beni River, Mamore River, Guapore River, Playa River, San Pablo River, Pilcomayo River, and Paraguay River.

What does Bolivia mine?

Tin and silver are it's most valuable of the countries natural commodities. but they also mine gold and iron, tungsten and antimony have been excavated. Natural gas is also dug for I'm not sure you can class that as mining though.

What are the boundaries of Bolivia?

Bolivia is bordered to the North and East by Brazil, to the South by Paraguay and Argentina, and to the West by Chile and Peru. Because it is surrounded on all sides by these neighboring countries and thus has no access to the ocean, it is called a landlocked country.