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Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) was Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince von Bismarck, Count von Bismarck-Schönhausen, Duke von Lauenburg.

Bismarck was a Prussian statesman who in 1871 founded the German Empire and served as its first chancellor for 19 years.

Through German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck's (1815-1898) efforts, Germany was transformed from a loose collection of small states into the German Empire, the strongest industrialized nation in continental Europe. A unified Germany permanently changed the European balance of power. Though Bismarck dominated German and European politics for nearly 30 years, his career was a series of paradoxes. An ultraconservative, he initiated social and welfare reform. A master politician, he despised parliaments and parties. A Prussian patriot, he created a German empire.
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When was Otto von Bismarck born?

Otto von Bismarck was born on April 1, 1815.

What were the roles of Camillo di Cavour and Otto von Bismarck in the unification of their countries?

Camillo Cavour was the liberal prime minister of the Kingdom of  Piedmont - Sardinia. He provoked a war with Austria, and with the  help of the French he won. As a result, m

What personality Traits did Otto Von Bismarck have?

Otto Von Bismarck could acutely be described as manipulative, ambitious for power, scheming but for a purpose, and I would also describe him as a genius. He was also diplomati

Why does Otto von Bismarck say that they had to be careful not to upset the Austrian empire too much?

First, I must point out that it was the Austro-HUNGARIAN empire, not just Austrian. Bismarck wanted to keep on good terms with Austria because it could be and would prove to b

What methods did Otto Von Bismarck adopt to unify and integrate Germany?

Bismarck used Realpolitik, ruthless politics that puts the goals of the state ahead of any other concern (basically "ends justify the means" politics.) Specifically, in additi

What methods did otto von Bismarck use to unite Germany?

Bismarck used diplomacy and the army his aim was to strengthen Prussia through the unification of the German states. Bismarck used diplomacy and the army his aim was to streng

Why was Otto von Bismarck important to Germany?

Because he was the main actor in the unification of the German Empire, during the second half of the 19th century. He led a serie of war against Denmark, Austria and France in

What did Otto von Bismarck Camillo di Cavour and Emperor Meiji have in common?

All three of these men led the unification of their respective  homelands (Bismarck - Germany, Cavour - Italy, Meiji - Japan) in  the mid-to-late 1800s and the industrializa

How was Otto von Bismarck important in World War 1?

He wasn't all that important- he died long before the war started.  He was important in the unification of Germany, however.    Interestingly, his foreign policies wer