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Rutherford B. Hayes (born October 4, 1822 in Delaware, Ohio; died Janaury 17, 1893 in Fremont, Ohio) was a Republican (earlier Whig) politician, who served as the the 29th and 32nd Governor of Ohio, and the 19th President of the United States.

Hayes served as President of the United States for a single term, between 1877 and 1881, and did not seek re-election.
He was the 19th president of the United States of America. He was in office from March 4, 1877 to March 4, 1881. He was born october 4, 1822 in Delawere, Ohio and died January 17, 1893 in Fremont, ohio. He was a republican. He had eight children,Birchard Austin Hayes,James Webb Cook Hayes,Rutherford Platt Hayes,Joseph Thompson Hayes,George Crook Hayes,Fanny Hayes,Scott Russell Hayes, Manning Force Hayes. He was the 29th and 32nd Governor of Ohio. Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio;s 2nd district
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Did Rutherford B. Hayes have pets?

Yes. Siam, a Siamese cat; Grim, a greyhound; Duke, an English mastiff; Hector, a Newfoundland; Dot, a terrier; canaries; cows; horses; goats; other dogs

What did Rutherford B Hayes do?

President: Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822 - 1893) Term: March 4, 1877 - March 4, 1881 Background: Hayes was born in Delaware, Ohio to Rutherford Hayes who was a storekeeper from a Scottish descent, and Sophia Birchard. His father died ten weeks before his birth. He attended school at Harva (MORE)

Where did Rutherford B. Hayes go to school?

Hayes learned the fundamentals from one Daniel Granger at Delaware,Ohio. At 14 he went to the Norwalk (Oho) Academy. He then went faraway for college prep work from Issac Webb in Middletown,Connecticut. At 16, he entered Kenyon College in Gambier , Ohio andgraduated as valedictorian in 1842. He stud (MORE)

Is Rutherford B. Hayes a republican?

Well, he was, from the party's foundation in 1854 until his own death in 1893. Previously he had been a Whig, and briefly in the 1850s a Free-Soiler.. Whether he is now a Repubblican (ie whether a dead body can be regarded as belonging to a political party) is an open question.

Where is Rutherford B. Hayes buried?

Rutherford B. Hayes is buried in what is now a State Park named Spiegel Grove. It's in Freemont, Ohio. President Hayes was originally interred at Riverwood Cemetery, but was "relocated" later on. A link is provided below.

What was Rutherford B. Hayes famous for?

Ending reconstruction, first president to use a telephone, and winning the 1876 election despite being slaughtered in the popular vote by Samuel Tilden. He is one of the least remembered presidents along with Arthur.

When did Rutherford B. Hayes start in politic?

December 1865. . Born in Ohio in 1822, Hayes was educated at Kenyon College and Harvard Law School. After five years of law practice in Lower Sandusky, he moved to Cincinnati, where he flourished as a young Whig lawyer. He fought in the Civil War, was wounded in action, and rose to the rank of (MORE)

Rutherford B. Hayes facts?

Rutherford's father died a few months after he was born and when Rutherford got married to Lucy Ware Webb,they had 8 children.did you also know that rutherford kept a diary from age twelve to when he died which is a age seventy when he died of a hard attack.

Who was Rutherford B. Hayes' vice president?

William A. Wheeler, a former Congressman from New York, was the VPelected with Hayes in 1876. Wheeler served as the 19th Vice President of the United States from1877 March 4 to 1881 March 4.

What was Rutherford B. Hayes' childhood like?

His father died before he was born so he was raised by his mother with the support of his uncle, her brother. He was almost unnaturally close to his older sister, Fanny. He did well in school and was popular with boys and girls alike.

What is Rutherford B. Hayes famous for?

Rutherford is famous for having a telephone installed in the White House, also a typewriter. He also was the first President to travel the West while still in office. He won his election by a congressional commission. He was the only President to get wounded in the Civil War- four times He began th (MORE)

Characteristics of Rutherford B Hayes.?

Iam actualy looking for the same answer...uh...maybe: Smart...he did graduate at the top of his class at Kenyon College. And don't forget, he went to HARVARD law school...Sorry, can't give you anymore

When did Rutherford B. Hayes get elected?

Rutherford B. Hayes was the Republican candidate for president in the election of 1876; however, the election results remained in dispute until March 2, 1877, when Congress finally completed voting on the acceptance of the findings of the Electoral Count Commission which awarded Hayes all disputed e (MORE)

What dollar bill was Rutherford B. Hayes on?

Rutherford Birchard Hayes was the 19th President of the United States from March 4 1877 to March 4 1881 and was twice the Governor of Ohio 1868-1872 and 1876-1877. Rutherford B Hayes face is on the million dollar bill which is a colector bill.

Did Rutherford B. Hayes play sports?

I do not think so. He no doubt played games as a boy,but sports did not used to be organized. He did hunt ducks and geese, if you call that playing sports. I think he had a croquet set.

Was Rutherford B. Hayes assassinated?

No The 19th President of the United States Rutherford B. Hayes was in office from March 4, 1877 to March 4, 1881. President Hayes died on January 17, 1893 of heart disease.

Rutherford B. Hayes favorite things?

lets see here.. 1. facial hair 2. long beards 3. undeservedly winning presidential elections despite getting less votes 4. ending reconstruction 5. long walks in the park 6. pizza 7. weird middle names (birchard seriously?) 8. his wife Lucy

What was Rutherford B. Hayes' home?

Hayes's home, Spiegel Grove in at Fremont ( formerly Upper Sanduskly) Ohio. The home and the adjacent presidential library are open to the public.

What wars were Rutherford B Hayes in?

Hayes served with distinction on the Union side in the Civil War. He entered the Ohio militia as a major and was a major general by the end of the war. He was wounded several times, once seriously.

Where was Rutherford B. Hayes raised?

Rutherford B. Hayes was born in Delaware, Ohio and attended school there and in Norwalk, Ohio. Please see the links below for more interesting information and biographical data about Rutherford B. Hayes.

Was Rutherford B. Hayes adopted?

No , Hayes was not adopted. His father died before he was born, but his mother did not remarry. Her brother, Sardis Bichard, helped support the family but he did not adopt her children.

How old is Rutherford B. Hayes?

Rutherford B. Hayes was born on October 4, 1822 and died on January 17, 1893. Rutherford B. Hayes would have been 70 years old at the time of death or 192 years old today.

Who molded Rutherford B. Hayes character?

It was his wife Lucy because she hated slavery, so he tried to stopit. It was agreed to treat them as equals until they broke theirpromise because of the democrates. Hayes was patient for themthough. But other people molded his character too. People such asmaybe his sister Fannyh A. Platt., because (MORE)

What deal did Rutherford B. Hayes make?

He struck a backroom deal with Samuel Tilden (the Democratic Candidate) and the Electoral College that if he were elected that he would end Reconstruction even though Tilden received more popular votes. However, Tilden knew that a Republican ending Reconstruction would carry a lot more weight than i (MORE)

Who was rutherfords b Hayes siblings?

The names are "Lorenzo Hayes" (1815-1825) and "Sarah Sophia Hayes" (1817-1821), both died in childhood. His surviving sibling was "Fanny Arabella Hayes" (1820-1856), he was very close with her.

Is Rutherford B. Hayes dead?

On January 17, 1893, Rutherford B. Hayes, the nineteenth President of the United States, died of a heart attack.

Was Rutherford B. Hayes elected or appointed?

Hayes was elected President by the electoral college . There was a major problem with the credentials of some of the electors which had to be settled by Congressional action. However, after all the electors were certified, the election was held in the usual way. Please see the related question for (MORE)

Where was Rutherford b Hayes from?

Rutherford Birchard Hayes was born in Delaware, Ohio , on October 4, 1822, the son of RutherfordHayes, Jr. and Sophia Birchard. Hayes's father, a Vermont storekeeper, took the family to Ohio in 1817.