Who was Selena Quintanilla?

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She is the Queen of tejano and my prima

thousand of people say that like every day ^^^ so maybe its not true but maybe it is but anyways she was more than the Queen of tejano she was an icon and singer and a legand
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Who was Selena Quintanilla Perez influenced by?

many of her influences were bands like taste of honey, ACDC, Micheal Jackson , Farrah Fawcett , Donna summers she loved all kinds of music including rock, pop, R&B, country, e

Who was Selena quintanilla best friend?

Her husband and sister lol. They probably want you to say Yolanda Saldivar but think about it best friends just don't shoot each other and steel from each other. if it is a qu

What are some of Selena quintanilla awards?

One of her most famous awards was at the 36th Grammy Awards held in 1994 and it was for the Best Mexican-American Album of the year. A huge majority of her awards were from th

Is Selena gomez the daughter of Selena quintanilla?

No. Selena "Gomez" Was Just Named After Selena Quintanilla. The Tejano Music Star Sensation Because her Dad Was A Really Big Fan Of Selena & When he Found Out He Was Going To