Who was The Mongol khan from Samarkand who attacked the Islamic state of the Tughluq dynasty?

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Tamerlane ruler of a Mongol Khanate based in Somarkand.
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Was Genghis khan a turk or a mongol?

Genealogy of Genghis Khan Firstly, I introduce Abu-al-Ghazi Bahadur was Khan of the Khanate of Khiva from 1643-63. He was very well educated and true historian. He spent 10

Did the mongols attack the Islamic empire?

Yes. The challengers who would ultimately bring an end to the IslamicEmpire came not from Europe, but from central Asia. In the early1200s, a Mongol leader named Genghis Khan

What dynasty followed the Mongol Dynasty?

Mongol Dynasty in China is called Yuan Dynasty. Yuan Dynasty ( 1271 ~ 1368) is founded by Kublai Khan. It is considered both as a division of the Mongol Empire and as an impe