Who was Zeus first wife'?

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Zeus's first and only wife is Hera. The others were all "affairs" and do not constitute as being married.
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Who was Zeus' first wife?

Mètis was the first great spouse of Zeus, indeed his equal (Hesiod, Theogony 896) and the mother of Athena, Zeus' first daughter, the goddess of the arts and wisdom. By t

Who were the wifes of Zeus?

The stories of Zeus' number of Wives are quite confusing. But some agrees with this kind of order. 1st: Metis 2nd: Themis 3rd: Hera But in some counterpart, or mostly origin

Why did Zeus swallow his first wife?

Answer: . Metis was the first love of Zeus.. Gaia warned Zeus that Metis would bear a daughter, whose son would overthrow him. So Zeus swallowed her. The reason for this was
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Was Zeus first wife pregnant?

Zeus's first wife was Metis. When he married her, she was not pregnant. Later on, she became pregnant. When Zeus found out, he swallowed her whole. He did not want a baby. A f
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I am a Titaness who was the first wife of Zeus - what moon am I?

Metis Zeus had 4 wives who were Titanesses: . Metis - first wife of Zeus - also the name of the innermostof Jupiter's known moons . Themis - second wife of Zeus - her nam