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In 1755 the Corsican patriot Pascal Paoli was proclaimed General of the Corsican Nation. Before being forced out by the French in 1769, Paoli founded a university, and introduced a democratic constitution, with all men over 25 eligible to vote.
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Where to locate the tcc on a Chevrolet Corsica?

Answer . \nAs you look in the engine compartment, it is near the top of the tranny just to the right of the motor. I assume your car is stalling when coming to a stop. Disconnect the plug and your problem will be solved.

Who were the Patriots?

"Patriots" was the term used to for those who supported resistance to the policies of King George and his ministers and, later, independence from England.. Of course, if you believed that King George the third, his ministers and Parliament and their policies were right, you might have considered yourself a patriot or, as they became known, Loyalists. And you might have considered the men who were meeting in Philadelphia at the Continental Congresses to discuss the rights that the colonists had under the British government were not fair and what to do about that, to be rebels. Had the Patriots lost, history likely would have remembered them as the Traitors, the Rebels, the Men of the Uprising of '75, or some other term, and the Loyalist might have been considered the real patriots.

Can you put a 1988 Corsica engine into a 1996 Corsica?

Answer . (Licenced Technician)--Not likely. 1996 vehicles are built to OBD-II emissions standards, and have very specific sensor requirements and locations, as well as completely different computer systems. Besides that, in 1988, the engine displacements were either 2.0L L4 or 2.8L V6, and in 1996 were 2200CC L4 or 3100CC V6. There are too many differences; I can't see any way that either of those engines would fit and be driveable afterwards. Hope this helps.

How do you add coolant to Corsica?

Answer . Remove Your Radiator Cap, If It Is Full OK. If Not Add Until It Is Full. Put Cap Back On. Now Fill Your Colant Reservoir. To The Cold Level. P>S> Be Sure Engine Is Cold When You Do This.

What is a patriot?

A patriot is a person who wholly supports his country and who isready to protect it from any form of aggression. A patriot is alsoan American colonist who supported and fought for the right toindependence from Britain.

Who are The Patriots?

The Patriots are an NFL team located in Foxbourough, Massachusetts. They are in the AFC East

What is patriotism?

To be patriotic, which means to be proud of your country. It meansworking together as one instead of an individual person.

On a 1994 Corsica which coil is which?

ok.on a 2.0/2.2liter.looking at the front of the car it is 4-1 on the left coil. then 3-2 on the right coil same for the 2.3liter quad-4.the v-6 is1-4 left coil 6-3 for the center coil.2-5 for the right coil. dan

What did patriots do?

to me pretty much i THINK patriots are the people from the war............ there were the red backs i think :L

What are the patriots?

The Patriots are a professional football team who play in the AFC East division of the National Football League.

Where is Corsica?

\n. \nFrance\n. \n Answer \n. \nCorsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea just north of Sardinia.

What size are the speakers in a 91 Corsica?

The 1991 Chevrolet Corsica dashboard speakers measure 3.5 inches indiameter. The front door speakers measure four inches by fiveinches. The rear speakers measure five inches by seven inches.

How do you replace tccswitch 93 Corsica?

Support trans , you should probably remove pan first ( be ready with oil pan) and also buy a filter & gskt kit, remove mount bolts & bracket , remove side cover, replace solenoid wires for it route to squre plug in front. Buy delco switch from the dealer , it is cheaper and plugs right in if still available. Aftermarket kits require a little more time.

When did Saint Julia of Corsica die?

The exact dates of St. Julia's life remain uncertain. Some sources indicate she lived in the 5th century, and some that she lived in the 7th century. Proponents of the 5th century give no date of her martyrdom, though it would have happened within 5 years of her enslavement, probably somewhere between 489-494 AD. Sources promoting she lived in the 7th century give her death as probable between 616-620 AD. Both accounts agree that she was crucified after being brutally tortured. She died at Cape Corso in Corsica, the area which honours her as their patron saint.

What liter engine does the Chevrolet Corsica have?

If it is a v6, then 3.1 post 1990 and 2.8 pre 1990. You can probably easily look up that information on wikipedia or this site, which borrows heavily from it. also it should say the size on the door. MPFI XX

How many speakers does a 1993 Corsica have?

It should have a total of four speakers. Mine, which is a 95 and probably the same setup as yours, Had 2 4x6 inch speakers in the kick panel, and two 6x9's on the back deck. Have fun with replacing the speakers in the back, because you have to pull the back seat. I replaced the ones I had in my kick panels with 6 1/2 inch speakers, which required some fabrication but it made a whole hell of a lot of difference.

Why is my Corsica leaking antifreeze?

Park over a large piece of paper or cardboard overnight, make sure it will not fly away. if the antifreeze is towards the front of your car, thre is a possibility that your radiator, or one of your hoses has a hole. if the leak is more towards the center of the car, behind the passenger tire, your heater core has a leak and must be replaced.

What is patriots?

The Patriots are both American Revolution soldiers fighting for the Americans and they are a football team in the NFL.

Who is on the patriots?

You can see a full roster of the New England Patriots at wikipedia.org , and search New England Patriots.

Where is the corsica?

The island of Corsica is located in the Mediterranean Sea. Thecoordinates are 42 degrees 9' N, 9 degrees 5' E. It is situatedsoutheast of the mainland of France and west of Italy.

How do you replace Corsica oil pan?

remove or disconnect Negitive battery terminal serpentine belt and loosen , dont not remove upper ac compressor bolts raise vehicle and support drain crankcase right front wheel assembly and splash shields engine mount strut from suspension support right front abs wheel speed sensor harness from the right suspension support right front ball joint and stabilizer link right side suspension support remove lower ac compressor bolts, position compressor aside and support engine mount strut bracket and engine to transaxle brace oil filter and starter flywheel/flexplate inspection cover oil pan retaining bolts and oil pan Clean- Oil pan flanges, oil pan rail, front cover, rear main bearing cap, threaded holes install or connect new gasket, oil pan, and bolts, tighten to retaining bolts- 18 ft lbs oil pan side bolts 37 ft lbs then reverse disassembly.

What is the latitude and longitude of Corsica?

The island of Corsica in the Mediterranean Sea is pretty big. The northern tip is at 43 degrees north, 9 degrees 25 minutes east. The southern tip is at 41 degrees 22 minutes north, 9 degrees 15 minutes east. Each minute of latitude difference equates to 1 nautical mile, so it is easy to calculate that Corsica is 1 degree and 38 minutes long, or 98 nautical miles from north to south.

Where in France is Corsica?

Corsica is a large island in the mediterranean sea, south of the French-italian border. A beautiful place

Is Corsica a country?

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is located west of Italy. At one point it was Italian under the state of Genoa. When the Corsicans attempted to rebel in the late 1700s, Genoa secretly sold it to France. It did manage to declare independence and itself a Republic, only to lose that position. Due to a lack of fertile land and resources, it culd not manage well on its own. No it is part of France. It is also the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte I.

Where is Ajaccio Corsica?

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean. It is north of Sardinia. Ajaccio is the capital, on the Eastern side of the Island.

Where is the fuse for the headlights on a 1991 Corsica?

Check repair book but my 89 has circuit breaker in headlight switch. There is ground wire on body in front of battery. Bad ground will cause breaker to activate so unbolt ground and clean connection. Could have bad dimmer switch which is on column under dash and may be hard to remove without lowering column. I unplugged old switch, plugged in new dimmer switch, set it to dim, and wired new switch to column so now only have dim lights as old switch is connected to activator rod which goes to turn signal/dimmer handle.

When did Corsica become French?

It is my understanding that Corsica was sold to the French in August 1769, by the Italian state of Genoa. The same year as the birth of Napoleon.

How can you be patriotic?

Simply put up a flag on July the fourth to simply show that you love, care, and show respect for your country!

What is the MPG for a 96 Corsica?

On the website fueleconomy.gov, it lists the 1996 Chevrolet Corsica 3.1L V6 engine at 18 MPG city, 27 MPG highway. I owned a 3.1L 96 Corsica and I got 25+ MPG in the city so for the amount of power the V6 has and given the year of the car, very fuel effecient.. Dale, Bristol CT

Hood release on Corsica?

Mine is tricky. the release on the inside of my car broke. But i can pull the same wire that the lever in the car pulls, then the release button is almost dead center, a little to the left. Pull the wire, push the button up, release the wire and it should open.

What is the patriotism?

"The Patriotism" was a creature in a movie called "5000 Joules" which was never finished, and therefore never released. In the movie, it was meant to guard the evil king in a land called Patrota.

Can you be a patriot?

\n. \n. Yes you can by either becoming a professional football player:Defending your country and a another country or two:You or a group of people who are trying to control the human race [MGS Metal Gear Solid] to a life of peace or the destruction of the world. \n. \n. By Eliesyn, Donte and Mitchell \n. \n. We are answering at CTEA Construction Trades Engineering Architecture, 104 st \n.

Who are some famous people from Corsica?

Kiki Petsinis is known for her slang swear words but she is really famous for her paintings of the gardens in corsica because she is intuned with her inner-self.

Does a 91 Corsica have a carburetor?

No, it has a throttle body fuel injection system (TBFI). It may look like a carburetor but it is not. The injector is mounted inside the throttle body that looks like a carburetor.

Is Corsica and sardinia part of Italy?

Sardinia is part of modern day Italy , Corsica is not. . The Kingdom of Sardinia was one of the driving forces behindItalian reuinification. . Corsica however is still occupied by France (and possibly keptthe island, as France supported the italians against the AustrianEmpire). . The Corsican language is pretty much a tuscan/italian dialect,though it's use is being surpessed by the french ("only onelanguage in the Republic ,and that is french" ) . Most all corsicans can speak french (even though many considercorsican/italian their native speech)

What country is due east of Corsica?

Corsica is a French island in the Mediterranean Sea, just south-east of Nice. To the island's east is Italy, in the area between Pisa and Rome.

Where is Cyprus and corsica?

in the European/Mediterranean region Corsica is west of Italy and Cyprus is south of Turkey - Both in the Mediterranean Sea.

What ocean is corsica in?

Corsica is not in any ocean. It is in the Mediterranean sea in the northern part of the branch known as the Tyrrhenian sea.

How were the Patriots?

They were just OK. Nothing spectacular from them this season. Too many rookie wide receivers and too many injured defensemen.

How long to fly Manchester to Corsica?

The flight time for flights between the above places is 2.5 hours This is an approximate travel time. The actual time might change depending on the flight path chosen, weather conditions, etc.