Who was arguably the most influential leader of the civil rights movement?

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Martin Luther king Jr. was the most influential leader of the civil rights movement
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Who were the major leaders of the Civil Rights Movement?

John F. Kennedy introduced the Civil Rights Ammendment, and Johnson passed it. But MLK was a great leader in the Civil Rights movement for blacks, as well as Malcom X. For the

Who were the leaders of the civil rights movement?

Mary McLeod Bethune . John Brown . Linda Brown . Ruby Bridges . Frederick Douglass . Medgar Evers . Marcus Garvey . Jesse Jackson . John F. Kennedy . Mart

What were the most effective civil right movements?

History illustrates that the most effective civil rights movements have been nonviolent demonstrations such as Gandhi's independence movement in India; MLK's peaceful marches

Who was leader in the civil rights movement?

There were a number of leaders in the US Civil Rights movement in the 1960's in the United States. Probably the best recognized one, who gained worldwide fame was Martin Luthe

When was the civil right movement the most active?

1955 and 1956 were a time when the right movement was as its peak.The bus boycott made the movement a great one. Claudette Colvin wasthe first person arrested for resisting bu