Who was born in Chile and famous in Chile?

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Pablo Neruda (1904 - 1973) was a famous Chilean poet. He was born in Parral, Chile and studied at the University in Santiago.
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Where is Chile?

Chile is located in South America. From Wikipedia: "The Republic of Chile is a country in South America occupying along, narrow coastal strip between the Andes mountains to t

What is Chile?

Chile is a country in South America. The Chilean president is Sebastian Pinera.

What is Chile famous for?

We are known for being the thinnest and longest country in the world. Did you know that Chile owns a part of Antarctica?! Being Chilean rocks!! Ans 2. Chile is not the th

Famous landmarks in Chile?

the Chile landmarks are: the white house FAIL! and i don't know more or you can go to Google and i think its pepe's page or just type stuff and find out. THANKS FOR VI

Who are the famous people in Chile?

Political Leaders Pedro de Valdivia Original Spanish conquistador, arrived in 1540 and founded Santiago in 1541. Arturo Pratt Chilean naval hero who led the w

What is from Chile?

Chile is a huge exporter of wines. The Chilean people pride themselves on having some of the most fertile and proficient weather for growing some of the worlds finest wine gra

Who are the most famous people in Chile?

If you want to know the answer for this, you have to go to Chile and find out yourself! The person who wrote this answer is in America, so he knows nothing about Chile

Are you are from Chile?

I am from Chile . However depending on the person you are asking, they could or could NOT be form Chile.
In Chile

What can you do in Chile?

You can visit the Andes mountains, tour the wine country or visit the beach towns. Santiago has beautiful parks with hikng trails.