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Who was born like Jesus Christ?

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No-one, since He was the Son of God through the virgin Mary. No other human can claim to have been born in this manner.
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How was Jesus Christ born?

The bible is very clear on the birth of the earthly Jesus. He was born of a virgin by the Holy Spirit. He was God manifested in human form. But the deity of Christ is also exp

When and where was Jesus Christ born?

The short answer is that nobody knows exactly. His birthplace is  considered to be Bethlehem, near Jerusalem. The date is more  uncertain, various opinions give from about 7

In which year was Jesus Christ born?

Scripture tells us that Jesus was born during the rein of King Herod. Historians say King Herod died in the year 4 BC, making the birth of Jesus somewhere around the year 4 BC

When was the Lord Jesus Christ born?

No one knows when Jesus was born, not even the Angels in Heaven. Here's what the scripture says about his birth "Unto you THIS day a savior is born in the City of David. It sa

Why was Jesus Christ born?

  He was born to be the perfect sacrifice, to bear the burden of sin on the cross, and then die with it, that all who believe in him will not perish but have everlasting l

What did Jesus Christ look like?

No one can know for certain, but he is belived to have had brown eyes and likewise brown, long hair. He was also, supposedly, a very beautiful man. For pictures, see link be

What does Jesus Christ look like?

probably looked like a middle eastern, probably muscular because he was a carpenter, did NOT have long hair (dont confuse the Nazarite Vow with being Nazerene) because it was

What did people do after Jesus Christ was born?

On their way to the stable where Jesus was to be born, the 3 wise men met King Herod. They told him they were to see the Lord Jesus Christ, and that he was to be born in Bethl