Who was considered the peacemaker?

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You want to ask "What was considered 'The Peacemaker'", which was the 1873 Colt Single Action Army revolver, generally in .45 Colt caliber although it was produced in many different chamberings.
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Peacemaker of the heart?

A peacemaker of the heart is basically a battery in your heart to help it work and pump. It is not really a battery but it is something like a battery to help your heart when

In what ways you can be a peacemaker?

You can bring peace to many things if you want to make peace with animals you can be a vegitarian or vegan or eat free range meat volunteer at petstores, nature centers,

How was Pocahontas a peacemaker?

Pocahontas was a peacemaker because instead of violence she fought in peace. She also saved John Smith from death. She went to England as a representative of the Natives in No

What did Pocahontas do to be a peacemaker?

She isn't . The story we know is not true. Actually the colonist landed in an area of 14,000 Native Americans and in the worse land in the area. Powhatan pretty much left them