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Who was judy garlands mother?

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Judy Garland was born June 10, 1922 as Frances Ethel Gumm. She was the youngest child of Frank and Ethel Gumm, who were in vaudeville. At 13, she signed with MGM and changer her name to Judy Garland, after the song "Judy" and film critic Robert Garland.
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Is Judy Garland related to Beverly Garland?

  as far as is known, No. Judy Garland was, in effect a stage name. Her birth name was Frances Judy Gumm. (Garland) was adopted by the MGM studios. Her surviving children (MORE)

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How did judy garland?

Judy Garland died in June of l969. Age was given as 47. cause of death, drug overdose. If factors of time and distance may have been altered by a few hours, she might have tak (MORE)

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What were hobbies of Judy Garland?

according to her last husband, Mickey Deans ( a nightclub owner)- she was something of a biblliophile, liked to read for pleasure. she was quite interested in Nicholas and Ale (MORE)

12 Things You Should Know About Judy Greer

Born and raised right outside of Detroit, Judy's parents, Rich and Mollie, raised her Catholic. She attended high school at Churchill High and also attended Bunny Sanford's Sc (MORE)
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Was Judy Garland a cruel mother?

  Not in the abusive sense a la (Mommy Dearest) Crawford. But, one must realize that Judy Garland had some addictive habits which could not help but have a deleterious imp (MORE)

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Why was Judy Garland a drug addict?

She took drugs, as many entertainers do to help cope with difficult jobs and schedules. Over time, her brain chemistry altered so that she could no longer function without the (MORE)

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Why was judy garland so skinny?

She was addicted to drugs. Judy started out in juvenile roles ( Oz for example- which was not her first film) and the idea was to present a child Judy to the audience- as a su (MORE)

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How many plays was judy garland in?

As far as is known she never acted on Broadway. ( concerts are not dramatic plays) there was talk of her being hooked up with the Broadway musical ( Mame) but like many Garlan (MORE)