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Judy Garland was born June 10, 1922 as Frances Ethel Gumm. She was the youngest child of Frank and Ethel Gumm, who were in vaudeville. At 13, she signed with MGM and changer her name to Judy Garland, after the song "Judy" and film critic Robert Garland.
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When did judy garland die and was born?

Judy Garland was born Frances Ethel Gumm on June 10, 1922 and died of an accidental drug overdose on June 22, 1969 at the age of 47. The drug was actually a prescription for c

What drugs did Judy Garland take?

It seems her favorites were the barbiturates such as seconal and nembutal. Those were replace by what we have today called benzodiazepine; valium, ativan xanax and klonopin.

Did Judy Garland have any grandchildren?

Not when she was alive. Liza never had children of her own, and Lorna was only 16 or 17 when Judy died. Joey, only 13 or 14. Lorna now has children, not completely sure if Joe

How did judy garland?

Judy Garland died in June of l969. Age was given as 47. cause of death, drug overdose. If factors of time and distance may have been altered by a few hours, she might have tak

Was Judy Garland a cruel mother?

  Not in the abusive sense a la (Mommy Dearest) Crawford. But, one must realize that Judy Garland had some addictive habits which could not help but have a deleterious imp

What were hobbies of Judy Garland?

according to her last husband, Mickey Deans ( a nightclub owner)- she was something of a biblliophile, liked to read for pleasure. she was quite interested in Nicholas and Ale

Did Judy Garland die broke?

Although Garland never got much of the money she made through her performances, and what she did receive was largely wasted on bad choices, she was not bankrupt at the time of

Did Judy Garland commit suicide?

No she did not commit suicide intentionally. She over dosed on pills accidentally and died - This is debatable. She had been on pills basically since before she was 13, had

Where in Tn did Judy Garland live?

She never lived in Tn. Her fathers family was from there and because she loved him so much she used to claim that she lived there, but she did not. She was born in Grand Rapid