Who was raven loven interest on that's so raven?

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it is Devon she loved him!
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Did Raven from that's so Raven die?

As a matter of fact, she did not. She is shooting a movie with Martin Lawrence called "College Road Trip." It's coming out in May. That is one of the reasons why she will not

Who are the actors in that's so raven?

Main Characters. Raven Baxter - Raven-Symone. Chelsea Daniels - Anneliese Van Der Pol. Eddie Thomas - Orlando Brown. Cory Baxter - Kyle Massey. Tanya Baxter - T'Keyah Cry

Who was that's so raven in that's so raven?

I loved that programme! :) She is named Raven Symoné, singer as well as an actor, as you probably already know! :] x Raven Symone is now 25.She doesn't work in That's

Why was that's so raven discontinued?

Raven Symone wanted to go down a different track with her singing career so they ended the show on Raven going to Design College though she did appear on Cory in the house on

Is that's so raven funny?

That's So Raven was one of the highest rated shows when it was running. The show deals with real problems teens face. The show was very comic, but at the same time squeaky cle
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How old is raven on that's so raven?

That's So Raven ran for four seasons. Raven starts out as 14 and the show ends when she is 18. Reruns of the show are shown on disney xd.
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Is raven from that's so raven alive?

Her name is Raven Samone. Yes, she is alive and well. Raven, 27, just recently lost weight and is still acting.