Who was so ji sub's girlfriend?

so ji sub isn't really dating anyone currently (that's what he said, and I'm gonna take his word for it :P) and it seems that he didn't date anyone before also..he's had some rumours about him and some of his co-stars, and i think that's why he's being cautious with female entertainers...i hope people stop making up things, because so ji sub is amazing and a great actor and i think he deserves someone really sweet!!!
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Who is Jung Ji Hoon's girlfriend now?

  He's too busy to have a steady girlfriend right now. I'll have to say his Career is his girlfriend at this time. I hope he has time to date girls though. Wish him well.

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Where can one find a So Ji Sub?

So Ji Sub is an actor from the Asian film market. One can find more information about So Ji Sub at his fan page website as well as a Wiki page that has followed career and per… (MORE)