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Who was so ji sub's girlfriend?

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so ji sub isn't really dating anyone currently (that's what he said, and I'm gonna take his word for it :P) and it seems that he didn't date anyone before also..he's had some rumours about him and some of his co-stars, and i think that's why he's being cautious with female entertainers...i hope people stop making up things, because so ji sub is amazing and a great actor and i think he deserves someone really sweet!!!
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Who is ju ji hun girlfriend?

Ju Ji-hoon is an actor who was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1982.  As of September 2014, he is dating Gain, also known as Baby-G, from  the Korean girl band, Brown Eyed Gir

Who is joo ji hoon girlfriend?

it's Yoon Eun Hye...the rumour about Song Ji Hyo was just that, a rumour... there were no paparazzi pictures of Ju Ji Hoon with Song Ji Hyo, but guess what there were with YEH

Who is the girlfriend of Joo Ji-Hoon?

actually, it's yoon eun hye. anyone who says it's song ji hyo is wrong. those pictures they are showing as ju ji hoon and song ji hyo together is actually ju ji hoon and yoon

Who is ji sung's girlfriend?

The girlfriend of Ji Sung is Lee Bo Young,They met during Save the Last dance.I think they have been together since last year.