Who was the Prime Minister of Algeria in 2011?

Jkmyoung Answered First
Ahmed Ouyahia was the Prime Minister of Algeria in 2011.

Ahmed Ouyahia became the Prime Minister of Algeria on 2008 June 23 when appointed by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. He served until he was replaced on 2012 September 3. Ouyahia has been the prime minister twice before, from 1995 December 31 to 1998 December 15 under president Liamine ZĂ©roual, and again from 2003 May 5 to 2006 May 24 under president Bouteflika.

Is 2011 prime?

Yes. To prove it, you can take the square root of 2011 (about 44.8), and divide 2011 by all the prime numbers under this number. You'll see none of them divide, so it's prime.

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