Who was the architect of Chandigarh?

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Firstly, Mathew Nowincki and Albert Mayer of America were two architects who started designing the master plan of chandigarh but due to death of Mathew Nowincki in a plane crash Albert Mayer too left the chandigarh project.

After wards, Le Corbusier of Switzerland was contacted to design Chandigarh and he design the city as a symbolic to human body e.g.

i) As head he symbolises the Capitol Complex in Sector-1, Chandigarh

ii) As heart he symbolises Sector-17, Chandigarh

iii) As arteries he symbolises the roads of the city

iv) As lungs he symbolises the greeenery of the city

v) As arms he symbolises the industrial area

If anything left in above explained lines feel free to contact and to have more clarifications regarding city beautiful.

Sunil Kumar,
zuhaib khan
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