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Who was the coach of the Nigerian football team in japan and Korea world cup?

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How many times has South Korea won the football World Cup?

Never!! Simple one! They have qualified for 8 (including south Africa this year & when they joint hosted with Japan in 2002) since their first game in 1948! Their best finish

Did Korea win the World Cup?

No, when South Korea co hosted the 2002 World Cup with Japan, they got to the semi finals where they lost to Germany 1-0. They then went on to lose 3-2 to Turkey and finish fo

Which football team won the most world cups?

Brazil has won 5 times. (This is verified as factual.)
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In which world cup the football teams used their footballs?

In the final of the inagural World Cup of 1930 between Uruguay and Argentina there was a disagreement about which team should provide the match ball. FIFA (Football's governin