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Who was the father in Bonanza?

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Lorne Greene played the part of Ben Cartwright.
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What was bonanza farm?

"The Cartwright family lived on the Ponderosa." (original answer)   My answer: While the Cartwright family did live on their ranch, the Ponderosa on the television show,

What is a banana bonanza?

Usually a pancake dish served with fresh bananas, pancakes and cream, some times with butter or syrup as well.

What does is the definition of bonanza?

An unexpected source of wealth (as found in mining for example). The word in an Americanism from the 1830's but has connections through to Latin and Greek via the word 'bonus'

What is a Spanish bonanza?

Literally means 'calm sea' and hence good luck. Later American/English from Spanish meaning a 'rich lode' a reference to mining, a source of great and sudden wealth. All from

What is a bonanza?

A bonanza (from bonacia, a fortuitously calm sea) can be a windfall, bounty or riches. The term was applied to a valuable ore vein or lode, and metaphorically to any other s

Did Jason Bateman's father play in Bonanza episodes?

Kent Bateman, father of Jason and Justine Bateman did not appear on Bonanza ever. He is a director and producer. Actor Charles Bateman did appear on Bonanza, no relation to th

What is a synonym for bonanza?

A bonanza (from bonacia, a calm sea) can be a windfall, bounty or riches.

When was Bonanza in color?

Bonanza was never filmed in black and white. The mother company of NBC was RCA which wanted to sell color TV's. The Cartwrights were always in color, unless of course you didn