Who was the first three Admirals in the US Navy?

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Admiral George Dewey Admiral David D(ixon) Porter and Admiral David Farragut
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How many admirals are in the US Navy?

U.S. Code of law explicitly limits the total number of four-star admirals that may be on active duty at any given time. The total number of active duty flag officers is capped at 216 for the Navy

Who was the first Purple Heart recipient in the US Navy?

Answer . It's difficult to answer this even if one had a list or recipients (which one could possibly obtain from the Navy and/or Marine Corps), because, although Pres. Roosevelt first authorised the award of the Purple Heart to sailors and marines wounded or killed on or after December 6, 1941, (MORE)

Who was the first Admiral in the US Navy?

David Glasgow Farragut became the first Admiral in the US Navy in 1866. ................ my Version: Farragut was the first 4-star "Admiral", and he achieved that rank of simply Admiral, promoting from the 3-star rank of Vice Admiral, on July 25, 1866. However the first specifically "admirals (MORE)

Who are the US admirals?

The father of "Jim Morrison" of the "Doors", was USN Admiral George Morrison, commander of the US Fleet during the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident (sea battle) on 02 August 1964. A naval action that turned the Vietnam guerrilla war into a conventional one (by the landing of US conventional forces in 1965) (MORE)

Union navy admiral in the Civil War?

David Glasgow Farragher was the first admiral in the United StatesNavy. He is famous for the quote, 'Damn the torpedoes! Full speedahead.' He served as a Union officer in the American Civil War, andis best known for the Battle of Mobile Bay.

What is the first rate in the us navy?

Though the paygrade is the same (E-1), the recruit's general career path determines which recruit rate they are initially assigned: Engineering Rates (e.g., Machinist's Mate) - Fireman Recruit (FR) - 1 Red Stripe Aviation Rates (e.g., Aviation Ordnance) - Airman Recruit (AR) - 1 Green Stripe (MORE)

Who was the youngest US Navy Admiral?

According to the the Naval Historical Center, Admiral Elmo Russell Zumwalt, Jr., USN was the youngest naval officer ever promoted to Rear Admiral, at age 44. He also was the youngest four-star Admiral in U. S. naval history, and the youngest to serve as Chief of Naval Operations, at age 49.

Who is the present navy admiral of India?

Suresh Mehta is the present navy admiral of India.. ANS#2: Vice Admiral Nirmal Kumar Verma, the eastern Naval Commander, was on Saturday named the next chief of Navy. He will take over from incumbent Admiral Sureesh Mehta on August 31 when the latter retires. Verma had once commanded India's s (MORE)

Who was the first US President to serve in the US Navy?

According to the U.S. Naval Historical Center in Washington, John F. Kennedy was the first sailor to ever serve as President. His Navy career is immortalized in the book and movie "PT-109", which is about his time as a Lt. (jg) in the Pacific Theatre in WW2 in command of a PT boat. PT-109 was destro (MORE)

US Navy Admirals of World War 2?

"Betty" Stark, King, Kimmel, Ingersoll, Leahy, Nimitz, Halsey, Kidd, McCain, Frank Jack Fletcher, R.K. Turner, Clifton Sprague, Thomas Sprague, Willis Lee, Jesse Oldendorf, Raymond Spruance, Marc Mitscher, Scott, Callahan.

Who was the first female Admiral of the Navy?

Admiral Grace Hopper was the first female admiral. She was a figurehead in the computer development in the US Navy. She served in the US Navy for 43 years. I had the honor to salute her once..

First US navy base?

Established in 1799, the first official U.S. Navy base is the Washington Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. Currently still an active base, among other commands, it also houses the Navy Historical Center and Museum, as well as facilities for local retirement ceremonies. There are several other active Nav (MORE)

When was the term Chief in the navy first used?

The rank of Chief was created on April 1, 1893. However, the earliest known use of the term was when Jacob Wasbie, a Cook's Mate serving on board the Alfred , one of the earliest Continental Navy warships, was promoted to "Chief Cook" on June 1, 1776. Source: Naval Historical Center (see link be (MORE)

Who was the last fleet admiral in the U.S. Navy?

Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, who served as Commander-in-Chief, Pacific Fleet (CINCPAC) during WWII, and Chief of Naval Operations after the Japanese surrender, was the last surviving Navy 5 star (Fleet) Admiral. The rank is a lifetime appointment, with full pay and benefits of an active duty off (MORE)

Abbreviation for rear admiral in navy?

Depending on the particular rank of Rear Admiral (Rear Admiral or Rear Admiral(lower half) the abbreviations are: Rear Admiral - RADM (O-8) Rear Admiral(lower half) - RDML (O-7) RDML is similar to a Lieutenant (Junior Grade) in that it is the lowest and most junior of the Admiral ranks.

How much is the pension of a navy admiral?

The typical Navy Admiral will have 30 years of service. That would entitle him to 75% of his base pay in retirement. That would be somewhere anywhere from $7500 to $12000 a month..

Who was the first full admiral in the US navy?

king ................... Actually the first Full Admiral (a 4-star rank) is Admiral David Farragut, 25 July 1866. Ernest King was the 55th Admiral when he became a full admiral. King was also not the first 5-star Admiral either, but the third 5-star Admiral: . George Dewey - March 2, 1899 (also (MORE)

How many Fleet Admirals has the Navy had and who were they?

If you are referring to the rank of "Fleet Admiral of the United States Navy", which is the equivalent of a 5-star general, then there have been only 4 in the history of the US Navy (many more in other country's navies): . Chester Nimitz . William Leahy . Ernest King . William Halsey Georg (MORE)

What US Ship was named for three Navy Men?

Currently there is only one commissioned ship named after more than one navy man. The USS The Sullivans (DDG-68), a guided-missile destroyer is named after the five Sullivan brothers. The brothers were on the USS Juneau when it was struck by a Japanese torpedo during WWII. Four brothers went down wi (MORE)

What is the salary for a navy Admiral?

An Admiral in the US navy is pay grade O-10, with a minimum salary of a bit over $15,000 per month - since that's the salary for 20 years of service and it normally takes considerably longer than that to reach Admiral rank, a more typical amount would be close to $17,000 per month. Depending on le (MORE)

What was the name of the first US Navy flagship?

Congress commissioned the fitting of four ships for hostilities growing between the colonies and England, two on 13 October 1775 and two additional ships 30 October. Alfred was the largest of the four with no more than thirty-six guns. Launched in the fall of 1774 as Black Prince and renamed Al (MORE)

Who is US Navy Admiral Murry Michaels Rothburg?

Rothburg is a well-known fraud in the veteran community, whose claims (some completely bogus) fool many people, including news organizations. There is no real evidence supporting his claims, which if even some were true, would list him as one of the most storied aviators in naval history.

What were the first US Navy ships made from?

Long on keel and narrow of beam, the first US Navy ships such as "Old Ironsides" had their hulls and frames constructed of pine and oak, including the wood of Southern White Oak trees - and that's no bilgewater, sailor! Just access the related link(s) listed belowdecks to avoid further scuttlebut (MORE)

Who was the first admiral of Pakistan navy?

It was supposed to be a man of the name Sheikh Abdul Rashid, but jealous colleagues spread rumours that he may have an illness, resulting in his promotion being postponed. He later quit at the top of his game, unwilling to accept bull from his fellow colleagues. He was a brilliant man with a great c (MORE)

How many admirals in Indian navy?

There is only one Admiral in the Indian Navy. But there are quite a few Vice-Admirals and Rear Admirals,these are below the rank of Admiral and are all under the Admiral only. Shailesh Mehta 9425082058

Who was the first US Navy Signalman?

Not sure about male, but I found the first female Signalman was Elizabeth Nelson-Hein of Jasper, Alabama. The U.S. Navy disestablished the rating of Signalman in late 2003, reassigning visual communications duties to the Quartermaster rating. Signalmen were either absorbed into the Quartermaster rat (MORE)

Who was the only American to have been both admiral of the US Navy and general in tha US army?

Samuel Perry "Powhatan" Carter (August 6, 1819 - May 26, 1891) was a Brevet Major General in the Union Army during the U.S. Civil War. Originally a U.S. Naval Academy graduate in 1846, he saw service in the Navy up to the Civil War. Never resigning from the Navy, he was detached to the Union Arm (MORE)