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Who was the founder of the Han dynasty?

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The Han Dynasty (206 BCE - 220 CE), founded by the peasant rebel leader Liu Bang (known posthumously as Emperor Gaozu), [note 1] was the second imperial dynasty of China. It followed the Qin Dynasty (221-206 BCE), which had unified the Warring States of China by conquest.
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How were the Han dynasty and the Qin dynasty different?

The Qin Dynasty was based on legalism, while the Han dynasty was based on Confucianism and some Taoism. Overall, the Han dynasty was less strict in its laws and less harsh. Th

What are some of the achievements of the Han dynasty?

One of the most prominent achievements of the Han Dynasty, created by Liu Bang, was the Silk road, which stretched from Central Asia (present-day China) to the Greek empire wh

What did the Han dynasty invent?

the great wall of china! the battering ram, the compass, paper, the seismometer, the wheel barrel, the Mandarin Chinese language, mini hot air balloons, various fire weapons i

What are the inventions that the Han Dynasty invented?

The Great Wall of China, they did not create it fully, but they helped drastically the battering ram, the wheelbarrow, the Mandarin Chinese language, various fire weapons inve

Inventions from the Han dynasty?

Some inventions of the Han include gunpowder, porcelain, wheelbarrows, and they helped to create the Great Wall.

What are facts about the Han Dynasty?

Bronze horse The Han dynasty ruled China after the Qin dynasty was overthrown in 207 B.C. The Hans expanded the Chinese empire westward during their four centuries in power. [