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Thomas Jefferson's Vice Presidents were Aaron Burr (1801-1805) , senator from NY, and George Clinton, former governor of NY (1805-1809). (Clinton continued to serve as VP under James Madison)

For Jefferson's second term, his Vice-President was George Clinton, who served as vice-President between 1805 and his death - beyond the Premiership of Jefferson and into that of his successor James Madison.
The 3rd President of the United States was Thomas Jefferson from March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809. His Vice Presidents were Aaron Burr (1801-1805) and George Clinton (1805-1809)
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What was memorable about Thomas Jefferson's presidency?

Thomas Jefferson's emergence of the common man during his presidency was most memorable. Jefferson adopted a simple style that was suitable to the executive republic. He remained a favorite of the people becasue he was just like the people.

When did Thomas Jefferson Become vice-president?

He became vice-president in 1797 after the election of 1796. Thanks to Alexander Hamilton's quiet sabotaging behind-the-scenes, John Adams only had 3 more electoral votes than Jefferson, and the Adams presidency thus became the only one where the president and VP were from different parties.

What were Thomas Jefferson's goals as president?

Jefferson had a vision of what the country ought to be. He believedin limited government, wanted a nation of land holding farmers andbelieved that people could govern themselves. On March 4, 1801Jefferson became the first president to be inaugurated inWashington DC. His goal was not coexist peaceful (MORE)

What are some of Thomas Jefferson's accomplishments during president?

Some of Thomas Jefferson's accomplishments were some of the best ever made in the world. Thomas was the founder of the University of Virginia, and the president of the American Philosophical Society. In 1776, he wrote the Declaration of Independence, which freed the colonies from British rule. Then, (MORE)

What important events went on during Thomas Jefferson's presidency?

During his presidency: -He made the Louisiana Purchase , which nearly doubled the size of the United States. -He ordered Meriwether Lewis, along with William Clark, to explore the west side of the US (which as you may know, is known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition . -He pardoned victims of (MORE)

Who was Chief Justice of the United States during Thomas Jefferson's Presidency?

President John Adams nominated his Secretary of State, John Marshall, to be Chief Justice of the United States in 1801, following Adams' defeat to rival Thomas Jefferson. Marshall was a Federalist like Adams and a distant cousin of Thomas Jefferson, with whom he had a strained relationship. Chief J (MORE)

Is Thomas Jefferson a vice president?

Thomas Jefferson was the Vice President under John Adams the 2nd President of the United States from 1797 to 1801. He then became the 3rd President of the United States from March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809.

Who was Thomas Jefferson's vise president?

The 3rd President of the United States was Thomas Jefferson from March 4, 1801 to March 4, 1809. His Vice Presidents were Aaron Burr (1801-1805) and George Clinton (1805-1809)

What were the pros and cons of Thomas Jefferson's presidency?

PRO Jefferson was one of the most brilliant men ever to serve as president. His interest in geography and natural science helped him to understand the true significance of the Louisiana Territory, and when Napoleon made his fateful offer, Jefferson acted swiftly and decisively to accept it, thereby (MORE)

What were Thomas Jefferson's hobbies after presidency?

He hung out a lot at Monticello after his presidency... he was always big into wine and food. He started a correspondence with John Adams, whom he had formerly been very good friends with but their political differences drove them apart during the Revolution and their presidencies.

What was Thomas Jefferson's political life before presidency?

He had always been involved in politics. He has served as aDelegate of Virginia, Secretary of State, Vice President, Governorof Virginia, and much more. He declared several times that he wouldnever be involved in politics again, but low and behold, he wasdrawn right back to Washington.

What was Thomas Jefferson's job after having served as President?

With the election of James Madison, Thomas Jefferson retired to his plantation in Virginia, Monticello, and lived a life of relative peace. He pursued his researches of the sciences, and designed and nurtured the University of Virginia. He then died in 1826, after suffering from rheumatism and a lar (MORE)

What were some of Thomas Jefferson's reforms as President?

Thomas Jefferson hoped to reduce the size and expense of thefederal governments and worked behind the scenes to accomplish hispurposes in Congress. He significantly decreased the federalgovernment by getting rid of staff, cutting the deficit, andcutting the army 50%. This reduced the federal bureauc (MORE)

Who was thomas Jeffersons' vice president?

Burr First term -- Aaron Burr... Second term, George Clinton (Gov. of NY) Burr pretty quickly fell from grace w/ jefferson, for a number of reasons... 1st -- under the complicated electoral system of the time, Burr was almost elected President over Jefferson, even though he was supposed to be the (MORE)

How was Thomas Jefferson chosen for Vice President?

Jefferson was elected as vice president in 1796 because he finished second to John Adams in electoral votes. In those days, the second place finisher for president was made vice-president. Amendment 12 changed the voting process to have separate ballots for president and vice-president.

Who was the vice president during Jefferson's first term?

Aaron Burr served during Thomas Jefferson's first term. That would be Aaron Burr. In 1804, he shot and killed AlexanderHamilton in a duel. For the second term, it was George Clinton. If speaking of Jefferson Davis, his Vice President was Alexander H.Stephens.

Why did Thomas Jefferson have 2 vice-president?

Aaron Burr, his first VP, fell out of favor with Jefferson after he refused to concede in the election and sent it to the House to decide. He also killed Alexander Hamilton and accused of a conspiracy with Spain to overthrow the United States.

Why was Thomas Jefferson as vice president for Adams a problem?

Vice President John Adams and former Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson were running against each other in the 1796 U.S. presidential election. John Adams was the nominee of the Federalist Party, and his running mate was Thomas Pinckney of South Carolina. Thomas Jefferson was the nominee of the D (MORE)