Who is Molly Brown?

She was a second class on the Titanic or Royal Mail (RMS TITANIC )System. She survived the disaster on lifeboat no.6. The Titanic was called "unsinkable"because of its water t (MORE)

Is Molly Brown real?

Yes, Molly brown is real. Her real name is Margret Brown. She was on the most famous ship, Titanic, and she survived.

What did Molly Brown do?

"Margaret Brown (née Tobin ) (July 18, 1867 - October 26, 1932), was also known as Maggie Brown , Molly Brown , and more famously The Unsinkable Molly Brown . Moll (MORE)
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Why was Molly Brown called the Unsinkable Molly Brown?

Going by Margaret or "Maggie", she was also called the "UnsinkableMolly Brown" due to her efforts in helping the passengers evacuatefrom the Titanic, then later taking an oar (MORE)
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Why was molly brown famous in 1912?

She wasn't known as the unsinkable Molly Brown until later years, but she was admired at the time of the accident for her determination to help save other victims who had no l (MORE)
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What did molly brown do on the titanic?

Died No she didn't die, she survived the sinking- travelling in Lifeboat no.6, she persuaded it's commander Quartermaster Hitchens (who had been actually at the wheel of the (MORE)