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Who were the Pilgrims?

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The first pilgrims began as a religious group. The Separatists which is what they called themselves, felt that the only way to practice their faith was to separate from the church of England. The passengers who arrived on the first four ships were called new comers. The ships included the Mayflower (1620) the Fortune (1621) the Anne and Little James (1623).
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Who were the pilgrims sent by?

  They weren't "sent" by anyone. The pilgrims left for America in order to achieve religious freedom. (I am assuming that you are referring to the pilgrims that settled th

Who were the Pilgrims and the Indians?

The Pilgrims and the Indians were those that were at the PlymouthColony in Massachusetts.

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The pilgrims were people who wanted religious freedom from the Church of England. They first settled in Holland, but they didn't want their children to become Dutch and speak

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Pilgrims were people who traveled for religious reasons. They went to churches, shrines, and other religious sites that were regarded as destinations for such trips, travellin