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Who were the perpetrators of the Armenian genocide?

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The young turks
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Why were the Armenians killed during the Armenian genocide?

Turkish View   Because they revolted against the government of the county they  lived in, the Ottoman empire, and fought alongside the Russians  against the Ottomans in

How did the Armenians die in the Armenian genocide?

The Young Turks in 1915 had very nationalistic ideas in spreading the Ottoman Empire and creating a Pan Turkic nation by removing the Armenians, taking their belongings and la

Why have people forgotten the Armenian Genocide?

"Because it is Armenian propoganda and did not really happen!" says the initial poster of this question. There real answer is because of people like this person. Over the last

How does the Armenian Genocide affect the Armenian people?

The Armenian people as well as all people in the world are much more aware to the fact that this can actually happen. History repeats its self and this is what many people rea

How long did the Armenian genocide last?

The Armenian genocide lasted for 2 years from 1915 to 1917. Of the  2 million Armenians there were in the Ottoman Empire about 1.5  million died during the genocide.

How did Armenian people react to the Armenian genocide?

The Armenian Genocide has had a profound effect on the Armenian psyche. Firstly, the Turkish government's failure to recognize the genocide and to strongly advocate against

How did the world react to the Armenian genocide?

The internation community condemned the genocide. The Allied victors demanded, after the war, that the Ottoman government prosecute the Young Turks occused of wartime crimes.

What is the Armenian Genocide?

Answer 1   The Armenian Genocide was a mass killing of 1.5 million Armenians  starting April 24th, 1915. I know that this actually happened  because my great grandmother

Why did the Turks do the Armenian genocide in 1951?

The Armenian Genocide happened in 1915. Armenians lived in their  historical homeland for more than 5000 years, had kingdoms, cities,  churches and schools. In the 13-14 cen

Why did the Turks and armenians fight in the Armenian genocide?

Answer 1: Turkish View There was no fight between Turks and Armenians. If there would be a fight, there wouldn't be Armenians any longer in the world today. Answer 2: Armeni