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Who were the southern gentry?

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Slave holders were considered the highest of the social class. The only way to achieve upward mobility was to own more slaves.
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What is a gentry?

Definitions of gentry are: 1. A member of a house in the  royal court. 2. A high-ranking member of the Faerie Court.   3. People of good social position, specifically (in

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What is the English gentry?

Gentry refers to nobility. In England, the gentry refer to people  with titles. These would be knights, dukes, earls, barons,  viscounts, and the like.

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In ancient China, during the Han dynasty, there were educated degree-holders (such as xiucai, juren, or jinshi) and who would enjoy special privileges of dress, law and social

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That are members of the nobility and people considered 'gentlemen' in England (often called 'lords of the manor') that spend their lives in the country on country estates, and