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Who were the southern gentry?

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Slave holders were considered the highest of the social class. The only way to achieve upward mobility was to own more slaves.
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Is Bobbie Gentry related to Montgomery Gentry?

She is not related to either member of Montgomery Gentry. Her birth name was Roberta Lee Streeter.She took the stage name Gentry after seeing Jennifer Jones in the film, Ruby

What is a scholar gentry?

In ancient China, during the Han dynasty, there were educated degree-holders (such as xiucai, juren, or jinshi) and who would enjoy special privileges of dress, law and social

What is the English gentry?

Gentry refers to nobility. In England, the gentry refer to people  with titles. These would be knights, dukes, earls, barons,  viscounts, and the like.

What type of clothes do gentry wear?

  The gentry, or upperclass wear fine knit jumpers, cashmere cotton and expensive taste wear. Such brands associated with 'gentry wear' are those like Ralph Lauren, Jack W

What were the social classes below the gentry?

The Gentry: Some Gentry were great nobles who spent most of their time at court with the monarch. Others, like sir Henry Tichborne, did not go to court but were the most impor

How many children did Bobbie Gentry have?

Bobbie Gentry had one son from her brief 1978, marriage to fellow singer Jim (Spiders and Snakes) Stafford. Their sons name is Tyler.

What is a gentry?

Definitions of gentry are: 1. A member of a house in the  royal court. 2. A high-ranking member of the Faerie Court.   3. People of good social position, specifically (in

Are the gentry part of the English parliament?

The members of the English Gentry do not necessarily hold titles of nobility and may not, therefore have been entitled to a seat in the House of Lords, when that was the sole
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What is Nick Gentry well known for?

Nick Gentry is a British artist who specializes in the use of contributed artifacts and materials in his work. His art is specifically influenced by technology, and cybercultu

What is a landed gentry?

That are members of the nobility and people considered 'gentlemen' in England (often called 'lords of the manor') that spend their lives in the country on country estates, and