Who will win at fighting Tupac or Big?

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Big... Tupac IS dead!
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What should you do to win a fight against a big guy?

Kick them straight in the nuts. That puts any man down ! Yes, a swift kick in the nuts works, but it also depends on the circumstance. If you are truly afraid for your life

Can Tupac fight?

he was raised in the streets.. with no father, and if you listen to his songs, (lyrics) then you;d know. he was thrown into the streets.

Who would win in a fight between a thumb and a big toe?

The big toe is considerably stronger than the thumb however it has limited flexibility and a small grip area making it easy to escape. The big toe (as anyone who has ever walk

Which big cats will win a fight?

Tiger vs Antelope=Tiger because even though an antelope is faster a tiger can sneak up on it and swipe at it and bite the neck of the antelope and finish its meal. Lion

Did Tupac fight through his death?

Yes he did. He was in hospital for 6/7 days in total and he repeatedly, against doctors orders, attempted to get up and out of bed before he finally passed on the afternoon of
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Who would win a fight tupac or 50 cent?

50 cent is bigger and more powerful with muscles plus 2pac smokes n drinks too much so hands down 50 would win. If its in music lyrics then that would go to 2pac