Who will win the war US or Russia?

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The United States alone has a much more powerful military then the Russians, not to mention in said war, NATO would fight along side them. That means that two of the other most powerful countries, The United Kingdom ans France, would aid america. The combined power of the American Navy Seals and the SAS, considered the two special forces in the world, would be able to eliminate key operatives, while a NATO coalition, led by the US, Uk, France, and probably Germany, would fight directly.
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Who would win in a war Australia or Russia?

Australia, because Australia has allies like the United States of America. The USA would not allow Australia to fall to Russia (rivalry). The USA would have on their side Japa

Who would win in a war between the US and Russia?

To the moron who wrote "USA has most advanced army and a jet that can go 12,000 miles and hour" your just a typical hypocrite and are a waste to forums like this so shut your

Who would win in a war US or Russia?

The United States, then and now. The US should win but since the military of defense eliminated half of our super large bombs to show other countries that we arent a threat

Who would win in a war russia or America?

It would be 50/50 depending on if allies are allowed or not. If no allies then America would probably just win due to superior technology. If Russia performed a surprise a

If Russia and the US had a war who would win?

It would be 50/50 depending on where it was. Assuming the war did not go nuclear, the United States has the most technically advanced military giving them a big advantage i

Who would win in a war Russia or US?

USA. They got more nukes and we got the first death star prototype in california. http://www.space.com/businesstechnology/090408-tw-laser-fusion.html

Who would win if America and Russia had a war?

Well, I think the Russian Federation would win, because it has the 3rd largest armed forces in the world, the most nukes, and it has China, Iraq, Pakistan, India, and MOST Ala
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Who would win in war Russia or England?

They both have nukes, so we would all be dead. But excluding nukes, russia have a lot more men than Britain so id say Russia
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Who would win russia or US?

well ithink usa but if usa win i wont ever be th coutry it was everybody will be poor
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Who would win in a war if Russia and the US teamed up on China?

China's nuclear arsenal was based on a policy of minimum deterrence - that is, only enough were built to deter someone from casting the first stone in a nuclear showdown. Howe