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Who won the davis cup in 1968?

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The 1968 Davis cup is seen as the most important Global tournament in men's tennis. America ended winning the tournament and won against defending champions from Australia.
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Who won the 2008 Davis Cup?

Spain clinched their 3rd Davis Cup in history in 2008 by defeating Argentina 3-1 in the Final.

Who won the 1968 fa cup?

West Bromwich Albion won the 1968 FA Cup in a 1-0 victory over Everton. The game went to extra time where Jeff Astle scored the only goal of the match in the 3rd minute (93rd
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Who won the Davis cup in 2012?

The Czech Republic is the winner of the 2012 Davis Cup. They are the reigning champion after defeating Spain 3-2 in the 100th Davis Cup by BNP Paribas Final at the O2 arena in