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What would have Romeo and Juliet have worn?

Since Romeo and Juliet are not real people and the setting is not specified in the text, they can wear whatever you think will work. T-shirts and jeans work for me. Others thi

What fabrics would Lincoln have worn?

The fabrics of the day were all natural. They were mostly cotton, wool, and linen, although some Yankees still wore animal skins and leaves.

What would slave overseers have worn?

They could have worn anything. It depends on the climate and the time period as well as culture, wealth and availability of raw materials (wool, cotton, silk etc.).

Why are chaps worn in English riding?

To hold the rider closer and tighter to the saddle. This also prevents the rider's leg from rubbing against the stirrup leather creating blisters on the rider's leg. There are

When would pantyhose be worn?

Typically pantyhose are worn in the professional setting but can also be worn on dates and other social occasions for a nice, finished look. I wear them in the office setting
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What would George V have worn?

Well, he would have worn a lot. As King he might have worn suits or naval uniforms. He was in the Navy as a younger man. He would have worn clothing of the Victorian era befor
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What would a medieval lady have worn?

Since the term lady implies wealth and status, I guess you are asking about the nobility. Fashions changed considerably throughout the very long medieval period, so a lady
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Who would have worn beaver hats?

In the period 1550 -1850, casual beaver caps were the common wear for hunters and trappers in north America. - The beavers they trapped were processed back east, and in Europe
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Where on your body would a rough be worn?

A ruff is a long length of fabric that is drawn together to make ashorter ruffled piece. It would be worn around the throat and neckin a circular fashion. They were more commo