Who would win Michael Myers vs the strangers?

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Michael, definitely.
The strangers. Not only because there are three strangers, but Michael myers
doesn't use his brain. The strangers use it a little bit.
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Jason vs Michael Myers?

Jason. He has a giant machete and is basically indestructable. There is no way Michael meyers could kill him with a little kitchen knife.

Who would win chucky vs Michael Myers?

Michael might win, but chucky is small and fast so its hard to tell. \nbut if it was up to me i would let them both survive like in freddy vs jason. \n

Who would win Adolf Hitler or Michael Myers?

Adolf Hitler was not a physically superior specimen. He was basically a very fragile, normal, human being with keen oratory skills and a keen exploitative mind. Michael Mye

Who would win in a fight Michael Myers or Jason voorhees?

They are both tough guys, but Jason is an immortal zombie and Michael Myers is just a tough guy Michaels that can't die so probably a tie. I think Jason would win mostly be
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Who would win wolverine vs Jason and Freddy and Myers?

Without a doubt, it would Wolverine. He has a skeleton made of unbreakable metal coupled with regenerative powers, so any injuries that he would sustain would instantly heal.
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Who would win Frankenstein vs Michael Myers?

Most likely Frankenstein because he's much stronger. --Improved-- I think that Dracula would win against Frankenstein because he would just have to bite Frankenstein to
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Who would win Michael Myers vs Moby Dick?

Moby Dick is a giant sperm whale and Michael Myers is a killer that is the size of a man. Moby Dick would kill Michael Myers very easily. So Moby Dick would win.