Who would win a Pokemon battle Blastoise or swampert?

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I have a Swampert in Pokemon emerald if I trade him to Pokemon fire red would I be able to teach him hydro cannon on Island 2 then trade him back to my Pokemon emerald game My Blastoise has already be?

sorry, you cant. you can only use the move tutor on island 2 for YOUR starter in FIRERED. even if you trade in another Kanto starter, like venusaur, it still wont work. u can

Which is better swampert or Blastoise?

Definitely Swampert. It only has one weakness, ice which can be beaten with a super-effective hammer arm and Blastoise has only one type and not nearly as diverse a move set.

Who would win in a battle Naruto or Pokemon?

Naruto , because naruto has nine-tail fox plus all those jutsus which is really strong. Pokemon , have made up creatures that don't really exist even though they are stro

Is swampert stronger than Blastoise?

Well, it will be a long battle if they are fighting each other. Since both Pokemon are water types, they both are Not Really effective on each other. Swampert can try using Gr

In a Pokemon battle who would win Kyogre or raquza?

raquza of couse not just because he is cool but because kygore's water attacks have a little bit of reach raquza can fly . It would depend on both Raquaza and Kyogre's abili
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Who would win in a Pokemon battle red or ash?

ash would because Blake wont get angry and hell back down o-------> Red would because Red is a genius and Ash is an idiot. Red KNEW about Pokemon LONG before he met Oak, R
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Who would win torterra or swampert?

You'd think torterra has the obvious advantage, but me being a swampert that knows blizzard, that gives me the upper hand. I've beaten many torterra in my day...