Who wrote The Impending Crisis in the South?

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Hinton Helper wront "The Impending Crisis in the South" It was an influnetial book in the 19th century stating that Southern America better industrialize and stop depending on Northern machinery. Pre Civil War
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Who was president during the South Carolina nullification crisis?

Andrew Jackson, 1829-1837. He ended it by massing troops and preparing to invade South Carolina, so they backed down...fast! If he had gone ahead, chances are the American Civil-War would have happened 30 years earlier, and there is little doubt Jackson would have kicked butt.

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How did the nullification crisis effect in the south in an economical manner?

It raised the prices of manufactured goods in the South as opposed to the Northern states. That caused South Carolina to be scared that they wouldn't be able to compete with other southern cotton- producing states. It also hindered the amount of exports to other European countries. However, it would (MORE)

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One possible solution would have been to permit the southern states to secede. The constitution is vague on this point, giving a procedure to add states but not to eliminate them. However, the constitution clearly states that all rights and powers not delegated to the Federal government are kept by (MORE)

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How did Jackson keep South Carlolina from seceding the Nullification Crisis?

Andrew Jackson stopped the south from seceding in the nullification crisis by compromising with them. He agreed to lower the tariffs on the cloth that they wanted to use to cloth their slaves and they agreed not to use the nullification clause again because in fact congress had not even made it a re (MORE)

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