Who wrote get a haircut and get a real job?

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THE TRUE STORY OF - Get A HAIRCUT And Get A Real Job : Composed by AUSTRALIAN SONGWRITERS Dave Avery and Bill Birch from the band "Don't Panic !" their version was even better (I did a lot of their early recording) it was out on cassette on the DOWNUNDER label before Thorogood's version. The story goes something like this : A duo / band was doin' a cover of Don't Panic's "Haircut" in Cairns ? Townsville ? North Queensland ? George's entourage walk in "say love that song man, who's is it" ? (or somethin' to that effect) they tell em' Dave and Bill then Georges people talk to Don't Panic's people and the rest is history - almost like a fairytale ? Except,,, like in all fairytales there's a few ugly sisters / wicked witches with evil on their minds "the names have been changed to protect the guilty!" (NON DISCLOSURE CLAUSE) suffice to say the writers got screwed !!! incidentally they both apparently have a big brother named Bob ! but that's a whole other story ? D. Lynch

Actually the Cairns duo was called "Double Trouble", and I was there on the night when George heard them play the song for the first time at Johnos Blues Bar in Cairns. :) Melody Moore
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