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Who wrote or recorded a 60's song 'red green yellow and blue'?

The song you're describing is titled "Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue" and it was recorded by Dickey Lee. The single was released in 1968 on the Atco label. It never became a big (MORE)

What is the world record 0-60 time?

There is a road legal 1970s Vauxhall Built by someone in the UK that can go from standing to 60 in 1 second! That's the quickest road legal time. Track cars wont be much quick (MORE)

What is the 60 meter world record?

Maurice Greene (USA) holds the mens record of 6.39sec. Irina Privalova (Russia) holds the womens record of 6.92sec. There is a new 60 meter world record run by Tyson Gay on (MORE)

Who wrote the song HE and who recorded it?

"He" is a song about God, written in 1954, which made the popular music charts the following year. The music was written by Jack Richards, with lyrics by Richard Mullan. The (MORE)