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What is MIS?

Managment Information System  It has been described as, "MIS 'lives' in the space that intersects technology and business. MIS combines tech with business to get people the

What is the MIS?

An information system that integrates data from all the departments it serves and provides operations and management with the information they require and helpful in decision

What is Mi?

Michigan is the top of the U.S that is separated in two parts with two peninsulas but the lower peninsula is bigger and both are surrownded by water.

What is an MI?

  MI = "Myocardial infarction". This occurs when the heart muscle is unable to receive enough oxygen for it to work properly. This can lead to muscle damage and death of s

Who wrote the music for les mis?

If this question refers to the musical, Les Miserables, then I believe the answer should be Claude-Michel Schönberg and not Andrew Lloyd Webbber. Andrew Lloyd Webber - He

Who is mi?

Mi in Spanish is translated to English to mean, me, my or mine (:

What is an MIS?

MIS= Madison International Speedway or MIS= Michigan International Speedway

Why did you think a l webber wrote music for les mis?

He didn't, Boublil and Schonberg did (and Kretzmer). People sometimes thing Andrew Lloyd Webber did because he has written most modern successful musicals, and his most succes