Why Did Hitler choose the Swastika to be the Nazi Symbol?

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Hitler wanted a symbol like no other. He wanted something distinct that would stand out when it was carried into battle. ___ The swastika had already been adopted by some extreme German nationalist groups c. 1910 in the belief that it was an "Aryan" symbol.
The swastika (from Sanskrit: svástika) is an equilateral cross with its arms bent at right angles, in either right-facing (卐) form or its mirrored left-facing (卍) form.

Before Hitler, it was used in about 1870 by the Austrian Pan-German followers of Schoenerer, an Austrian anti-Semitic politician.

Its Nazi use was linked to the belief in the Aryan cultural descent of the German people. They considered the early Aryans of India to be the prototypical white invaders and hijacked the sign as a symbol of the Aryan master race.

The Nazi party formally adopted the swastika - what they called the Hakenkreuz, 'the hooked cross' in 1920. This was used on the party's flag, badge, and armband.

In Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote: 'I myself, meanwhile, after innumerable attempts, had laid down a final form; a flag with a red background, a white disk, and a black swastika in the middle. After long trials I also found a definite proportion between the size of the flag and the size of the white disk, as well as the shape and thickness of the swastika.'
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What was the origin of the Nazi swastika symbol?

I don't think there can be a 100% guaranteed accurate answer, as the symbol which we know as the Nazi swastika has been around for hundreds, possibly a thousand years.. It ap

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Why did the Nazis choose the swastika as their logo?

The symbol_first_originated_in_India_and_was_common_in_Buddhism,_Janism,_and_Hinduism._It_was_also_latter_found_in_Native_American,_and_roman_cultures._Hitler_chose_it_because

Where did the Nazis get adopt the swastika symbol from?

The swastika symbol is basically just the cross, but with a bent line on all the ends. They took it from the cross and bent the ends to show the Jews that they hate them. I do

Where did the Nazi swastika symbol come from?

It was not a nazi symbol. Hitler adapted it as his own for its meaning of luck and prosperity. The symbol dates back over 3,000 years and has been seen on Buddhist temples, an

Did Britain or America have symbols of their own like the Nazis had the Swastika?

No , the British & Americans did not have the same sort of symbolism.. The Swastika was (is) the symbol for the German Nazi Party . It was used also by the German military

What does the symbol the swastika that Hitler used mean?

The swastika is a good luck symbol in Japan. He took it from them. The first answer is wrong! It is an old latin symbol meaning strengh and prosperity. Hitler used this s

How did Hitler choose his symbol?

It was supposed to be the symbol of "Arianism." Hitler taught that there was a "master race" of Aryans that should rule over all of the other races. He chose that symbol as t

Why did Hitler use the swastika as the nazi symbol?

I'm not sure quite why he picked that, but in another country (honestly I can't remember which right now) it is a peace sign. Hitler switched the direction that is faces and s
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What is the meanings of the Nazi symbol Swastika?

The swastika used to be a good luck symbol, long before the Nazis, but the Nazis used it as a symbol of Nazism, which was based entirely on the idea of the supremacy of the Ar
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Who came up with the Nazi swastika symbol?

The Swastika was a symbol of honor in Germany since the early 1000's before WWII. then Hitler decided it to use it as the Nazi party symbol/flag as a way to earn support.
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What cultures used the word swastika long before Hitler and nazi Germany?

The swastika was used all over the world before the Nazisappropriated it. Vikings, Romans, Greeks, the Middle East, evenancient China and India. Around the time of World War I
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How could the Swastika symbol be used by both Hinduism and the Nazi Party?

The swastika is an ancient symbol, and has been used by manydifferent countries, cultures, and other groups. It was used byancient Greeks, Indians (including Hindus, Buddhists