Why Is Magento the Best Solution for your Store?

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Now a days to begin with, Magento e-commerce features an open-source technology, Magento store running and set-up expenses are very little. due to constant Magento development, today, the creation of the new stores is made easy. It can all be carried out in the back-end of Magento. : https://plus.google.com/u/0/117858265525619638144
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What is Magento E-commerce?

Magento is an ecommerce platform built on open source technologywhich provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cartsystem, as well as control over the look, content and functionalityof their online store.

How do you choose magento theme?

Magento is the one of the most popular e-commerce platforms. Magento theme forms the layout of the shop. Depending on the Magento theme you would have a lot of sales or may be you would have none. Things to be concidered while you choose magento theme: 1. Which products do you sell. 2. Audien (MORE)

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What is postData in magento?

Post data are parameters used in the shopping cart to retrieve andpost variable data to/from shopping carts. To get the parameters passed in the controllers use the followingcode. Retrieve URIparameters. $params = $this->getRequest()->getParams(); $id = $params["id"]; $name = $params["name"]; (MORE)

How do you add magento product image?

If you need a add product image in Magento then follow this $product->setIsMassupdate(true)->setExcludeUrlRewrite(true)->setManufacturer($this->addManufacturers(utf8_encode($record[4])))->setSku($record[3])->setAttributeSetId($this->attribute_set)#9isfordefault->setTypeId(Mage_Catalog_Model_Produ (MORE)

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There are many different types of contact lens solution available. What is considered 'the best' will rely partially on one's opinion of the product and its use.

What is the best resource for accounting solutions?

The best resource would be down to personal opinion, however the software company Sage have a very popular portfolio of widely used and recognized accounting software. They can be contacted by email or telephone.

How to Ecommerce Using Magento?

Magento is a superior fit for large scaleretailers and building top of the line eCommerce websites. It ishighly flexible Content Management System in the market with thecapacity to add more than 10 million products. Regardless of what type and size of eCommerceweb store you are running, it is easy (MORE)

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How is Magento expert in Magento Development?

Magento eCommerce is a leading open source platform in the markettoday and it is trusted by worldwide many great companies. Thispopular application is used by many medium to large businesses formanaging a large amount of product. Magento platform has various types of modules, extensions andfeatures (MORE)

What is Magento Application Development?

Magento Application Development Company India is the great place tofulfill all of your Custom Magento Application Development needs.Magento Shopping Cart Developers India have many years of richknowledge and expertise in Magento E commerce Development.

Who is the best magento extension developer?

Magento has become a household name for E-commerce developmentplatforms among developers. Providing unlimited flexibility andendless customizability, Magento powers a vast majority of the topE-commerce stores today. Want to know how Magento can help yourE-commerce store? Contact Openwave's Magento D (MORE)

How do you create a media gallery in a Magento store?

To create a user friendly media gallery in your Magento store, youshould use an extension. With the help of an extension, you caneasily organize your images and videos in a separate landing pageand display them on the home page, on category and product pages,and on any internal webpages.

What are Magento 2 SEO improvements?

Magento 2.0 upgraded version has been released to provide thespeed, extensibility and scalability. It has been upgraded with thelatest fixes, features and security updates.Magento came with majorChanges like optimization in Product Page, XML Sitemap. Magento 2.0has provides these facilities. Apart f (MORE)

How we can enhance the Magento performance?

Disable theMagento log Disable anyun-used modules MagentoCaching Enable Gzipcompression Optimize yourimage Optimize yourServer Use a ContentDelivery Network (CDN) USE GzipComponents Put Stylesheets atthe Top (CSS Files in head tag) Put Scripts at theBottom (Js files in footer) Avoid CSSExp (MORE)

What is the best magento extension to boost sales?

There are mutiple extensions. After doing my experiences, One stepcheckout extension by Mageplaza is the perfect choice. It helpsreduce the abandonment rate as well as increase the conversion ratedramatically and includes many features such as: auto googleaddress suggestions, optimized checkout page (MORE)

What are the basic features of Magento?

Basic features of Magento includes . Reporting and Analytics . Product and Catalog Browsing . Customer Accounts . Order Management . Payment . Site Management . Shipping . Search engine optimization . Marketing promotions and tools . Checkout . International Support . Read more: weba (MORE)