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433MHz (433.92MHz in fact) is the most used frequency on earth. It's a free use unprotected Short Range Devices frequency used by a lot of devices.
To name a few, car keys, door openers, external wireless thermometers
and pressure sensing devices, radio ham TV,... and
wireless alarm systems.
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Why particularly 433.92 MHz is used in RF transmitter and receiver?

The FCC has set-aside certain frequencies for certain uses. Some frequencies require licenses and others are allowed to operate unlicensed if they meet certain parameters (usu

Why 433 Mhz range selected for RF transmitter and receiver?

RF Code first began offering products in the 303MHz range (US & Japan) and later in the 433MHz range (US & Europe). These signal frequencies are limited, low-power, unlicensed

Why is the 433 MHz frequency used for remote control applications?

Remote control employs a frequency modulation (FM) radio frequency of 433 MHz transmission that has a strength range of 400 mt outdoors or 200 meters indoors [ through a wall

How long is a radiowave with a frequency of 88 mhz?

Answer   The length of a wave is denoted by its wavelength, which is found by dividing the speed of light, or c, (3 x 108 m/s) by the frequency (88 x 106 Hz).   The an

What frequency does RF waves fall in used by commercial radio broadcasting stations?

In the USA ... -- Commercial AM radio stations operate with carrier frequencies spaced every 10 KHz between 550 KHz and 1700 KHz. -- Commercial FM radio stations operate

Why the clock frequency of 8085 is 3.14 MHz?

  you are freering to the internal clock speed and the external clock speed corect? ECLK or ECLKNOT are external clocks to the microprocessor. they do not run it. they are

Why 11.0592 MHZ frequency is used with at89c51?

It gives the possibility to generate several precise baudrates for serial communications. With 12 MHz you introduce small errors that will however be acceptable for hobbyists.

What are the frequencies of of RF used by radio stations?

Each country has different frequency bands allocated for AM and FM radio. In the U.S. AM takes up the range from 535KHz to 1605KHz. FM radio takes 88.0MHz to 108.0MHz. Each

What RF frequencies are used by commercial radio?

In the U.S., the AM radio band takes up the spectrum from 520 kHz to 1610 kHz. The FM radio band takes up the spectrum from 87.5 MHz to 108 MHz. Other bands are used in differ

What frequency is 72.790 mhz?

  The Hertz is a unit of frequency(Hz).   1 Hertz is equal 1 cycle per second.   2 Hertz is equal 2 cycles per second.   ...   mega means 10^6   mhz means m

What uses the broadcast frequency of 1000 MHz to 3000 MHz?

GPS Lots of things use these frequencies. There is an amateur radio bad around 1250. Cell phones are around 1800 (and even higher). Microwave ovens are around 2450. WiFi is s