Why won't a cooling fan turn on 1996 Honda Civic?

There could be 3 or 4 reasons for this... First, check the simplest thing, the fuse. Next, check for a faulty fan thermostat or damaged wiring to the fan. Lastly, it's possibl (MORE)

How do you replace ac compressor belt on a 1998 Honda civic?

Comprssor bolt will be in your way so you have to take that off. I take both mounting screws off and the belt comes off. You have to get the ac belt off there , so to do that (MORE)

Will ac compressor from Honda civic fit crv?

They are different compressors, especially depending on the years... you can check out the part numbers and applications here: www.acpartshouse.com\n. \nThe a/c compressor o (MORE)

Why does a 1991 Honda civic engine cooling fan stays on?

The cooling fan is operated by an electric motor rather than the revolutions of the car's motor. If your fan is staying on I would investigate the electrical systems leading t (MORE)

How do you replace an ac compressor Honda civic si 2002?

you have to take off the front bumper the headlight and then theradiator once all of that is out take the serpentine belt off thenremove the alternator then the ac unit will b (MORE)