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Why anti tetanus serum and tetanus toxoid given simultaneously to patient with dirty wounds?

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You give the antitetanus serum because it contains passive antibodies that can immediately start attacking any antigens if present. While that is going on, the body reacts to the toxoids injected into it by producing its own antibodies, this process is slow thus we need the antitetanus serum for immediate protection.
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Does tetanus toxoid contain thimerosal?

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What is the composition of anti tetanus serum?

    The composition of your anti-tetatus serum is the attenuated or "weakened" causitive agent of Tetanus, the bacteria called Clostridium tetani. In contrast with you (MORE)

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Side effects of anti-tetanus serum?

There are a few side effects from the anti-tetanus serum. They are  the following: nausea, joint pain, mild fever, tired, itching and  swelling, etc.

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What is the difference of tetanus toxoid to anti-tetanus serum?

  The best answer I have found relating to the "difference" between toxoid and anti serum or anti toxin revolves more around the reason for application. While both may giv (MORE)