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Why are all the babies rabbits dying after being born?

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Sometimes it takes rabbits up to three litters to get what is going on and be a good parent. However, you also have to do your part. Make sure they have an adequate nest. It should have the mother's fur and something elso to nest with (timothy hay or perhaps cotton from a pillow). They should be placed somewhere warm and quiet so they mother doesn't get stressed out. If there isn't somewhere warm to put them you can use a heating pad on the lowest setting and place it under their nest box. Nevertheless, some mother rabbits just aren't good parents and never will be. It is cruel to keep bringing rabbits into the world just for them to die so at this point be a nice person and stop breeding the rabbit.
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Are baby rabbits born blind?

Yes. Their eyes should open about ten to eleven days after birth.

What do you do when baby rabbits are born?

  Answer   Leave them alone, make sure the mom has a nesting box and the mother will take care of them. the next day check the box and make sure there are no dead ba

Can baby rabbits find their nest after being scared away?

If the baby rabbits are old enough to have run away from the nest, then there is no reason to worry. the young rabbits know where home is and will not stray far from it. It is

Can you touch the baby rabbits when they are born?

If the mother is a first time mom, do not touch her babies until they have their eyes open. If she trusts you and has had litters before this one, you may touch the babies but

Are baby rabbits born feet first?

no. baby rabbits don't come out feet first they come out head first but it is very rare that they come out feet first.

What do baby rabbits eat after being weaned?

They eat unlimited amounts of alfalfa hay and dried rabbit feed (pellets). You can also give them apple tree wood. Fresh leafy greens (like Romaine lettuce) can be introduced

Are baby rabbits born with hair?

A baby rabbit is born naked, they start to grow fur and you start to be able to tell what color they will be when they are 3 days old. Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/W

When baby rabbits are just born what do you do?

YOU do nothing, it's up to the mother to take care of them and keep them warm. If she has built a nest don't touch it, if she hasn't give her materials, like paper towels, to