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Why are amps important in electrical power units?

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An ampere is the actual amount of current flowing. See the Related Questions links for more information.
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Can you use your Electric-Acoustic with an Electric amp?

  Sure you can but, it will not sound near as good as if you use an amp made just for acoustic guitars. Electric guitar amps all have distortion even if it is set and soun

Do electric guitars need amps?

No, but otherwise other people wont be able to hear it. If you want to use it at a house or indoors you don't need one.

What is the unit for measuring electrical power?

Electrical power is measured in watts.   Answer   Power is measured in watts. There is no such thing as 'electrical  power' as power is simply a rate. volt The basic
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What is the Unit substation in electrical power distribution?

In a power distribution grid, there is a main power source from usually a generating plant or dam. It is then subdivided into 2 or more substations usually to power cities or

One unit in electricity meter consumes how many watts of power?

A standard unit of electricity that is the minimum charged is a  kWh. Therefore 1 unit of electricity is equal to 1000watts being  used for an hour. eg. A 100w light bulb bu
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What Unit of electrical power is equal to one joule?

There is no unit of power equal to one joule. This is because joules are used to measure energy, not power. One joule is one watt-second. In a purely electrical environment