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Why are amps important in electrical power units?

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An ampere is the actual amount of current flowing. See the Related Questions links for more information.
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What is the unit for measuring electrical power?

Electrical power is measured in watts.   Answer   Power is measured in watts. There is no such thing as 'electrical  power' as power is simply a rate. volt The basic

Is an AMP in electricity the amount of power generated?

When you use the word power you should automatically think of the term watts. Watts is the product of amps x volts.

What are watts volts amps and electricity power?

Watts, volts and amps are units of measurement. Watt is the unit of measurement for power. 1 watt (W) = 1 joule (j) per second (s) (1 W = 1 j/s). Volt is the unit of measureme
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What are the S.I unit of electrical power?

Power is simply the rate of doing work or of heat transfer. Accordingly, there is no such thing as 'electrical' or any other sort of power. Power is simply a rate, and its uni