Why are babies not able to get rid of AIDS?

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Babies can get treated at the age of 6 months for HIV/AIDS if the mother has HIV/AIDS. It will get cured within time but there is no guarantee that it won't come back. But because they can get treated when they are so young, the chances of it coming back are very low.
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Can you get rid of AIDS?

No, there is no current medication/treatment that can get rid of HIV/AIDS. However HAART (highly active anti-retro-viral therapy) has improved significantly and has the abilit

What does aids do to a baby?

Babies with actual AIDS, i.e. who have the disease of AIDS beyond being merely HIV-positive, have a fairly low survival rate without aggressive treatment because they have ess

How can you get rid of AIDS?

At present there is no known cure for A.I.D.S. You can't as of right now, but there is medication, sorry. AIDS can't be cured, however you can live a fairly long and healthyli

How can a baby get aids?

By being born to a mother who has AIDS, a baby can get it from the mother, or if the baby has to have a blood transfusion for any reason, the baby can get it that way.

Can a baby get rid of AIDS?

Well once you are HIV positive you can't get rid of it but you cantake pills to expand your life.

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Why is it hard to get rid of AIDS?

You are not able to get rid of it. It's a disease that kills your immune system. There is no cure, but you can take medications to increase years of living and to decrease sym

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