Why are bananas used in DNA extraction?

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Maybe because bananas are annual kind of plant, which means they can survive in all year round in both rainy season and summer season and it's easy to produce unlike to the other plant to our surroundings. On the other hand, bananas have a juicy stem or body, it has a complete structures of genetic information and besides banana can reproduce itself, without mating from the other plant nor from the other species of banana.(asexual reproduction).
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Why is liquid nitrogen used in DNA extraction?

liquid nitrogen (-170 C) which it freeze the tissue to become fragile to be a fine powder which increase the surface area of extraction, and the very low temperature prevent D

Why is mgcl2 used in chloroform DNA extraction?

MgCl2 is used to preserve the integrity of membrane system by counteracting the fixed negative charges of membrane phospholipid. Depending on what you want to extract, it trie

Why is detergent use in the DNA extraction lab?

It helps break the nuclear membrane of the cell. Detergent containing the compound SDS ( sodiumdodecyl sulfate) is used to break down and emulsify the fat and proteins that

Why do you use dishwashing liquid when extracting DNA?

Although it it a bad idea to use something as unregulated as dish washing liquid for DNA isolation, the scientific principle is that proteins denature (or break up) in the pre

What cell would you use to extract DNA?

Although DNA can be isolated from a variety of sources, there are some general considerations for choosing a cell. They are: . The cell should have a nucleus containing DNA .
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Why do we mash the banana in banana DNA extraction lab?

When extracting DNA from a banana, the DNA must release from the cell by breaking apart or lysing the cellular and nuclear membranes. Lysing in this case is the act of breakin
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What is the purpose of using alcohol when extracting DNA?

According to me, we use alcohol because DNA is insoluble inalcohol, it aggregates together, giving a pellet in centrifugal andwe can see a precipitated DNA with naked eyes (th
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Why is isopropanol used in DNA extraction?

The reason why isoproponal is used in DNA extraction is because it is stronger at precipitating the DNA. DNA is also insoluble in isoproponal and is cold to help the DNA retai