Why are books good for you to read?

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You can learn alot and gain insight into life.
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What are some good books to read?

If you really want to read a really good book series you have to read the TWILIGHT series by Stephenie Meyer. The books in the series are called twilight, new moon, eclipse an

What is a good book to read when you are bored?

a good choice is diary of a wimpy kid or dear Mr Henshaw or read your favorite book or find a favorite categorise and find a book to read!:] Depends on your age and your

Good books to read?

Tweens- Every soul a star-wendy mass The door within Flushed Magyk-Angie Sage The host Twilight is awesome! (but dont get dorky over it!) I absolutely love rea

What are good LGBT books to read?

The Well of loneliness is a classic novel dealing with Lesbianism. it was written by a writer named Radcliffe Hall. ( not a college building!) she died in l943 in England. The

Is it good to read books in the dark?

\n. \nNo. Reading in the dark will strain you eyes. If you have a booklight or a flash light that will work and then you can get the eery effect without straining your eyes.

What is a good war book to read?

I forget the author, but Rise & fall of the 3d Reich was one I could not put down. The interesting part is was all true. Also there are some good one's on the Manhatten projec

What is a good classic book to read?

"Midday Connection" radio show features a book club of timeless classics to read. Here are the books they've read so far... Dec. 2010 - The House of Mirth Sep. 2010 - A

What good books are there that you should read?

Some pretty good books that you can read are anything by S.E. Hinton. I've read all her books. If you would like to find some of her books in a library or a bookstore near you

Why is it good to read a book?

Books can: . entertain . inform . teach anout people, places . teach new vocabulary . turn on our imaginations . help us create . help pass the time Another answer: